Warwick woman responds to barking mad letter

A WARWICK woman has been left shaken after an anonymous threatening letter was placed in her yard on Wednesday morning.

Jeanella Carter, who lives in Wood St with her teenage daughter, was targeted due to a barking dog and a loud stereo.

The four-page letter, which had each page typed in a different font, said "If you don't shut that ******* dog up, we're going to **** you up big time."

The letter listed the steps that would be taken to "fix" the problem, including notifying the council, the RSPCA, the police and lastly, killing the dog and dealing with the residents as well.

The author also admitted to prowling in the woman's yard and looking in her windows at night.

Ms Carter said she woke on Wednesday to find copies of the letter all over her lawn and under the windscreen wipers of her car.

"We have two dogs, both registered and they bark when people are strangers or when people come into the yard," she said.

"We take them for walks, and they're well looked after but we're only fenced on three sides, which is why I keep them chained up.

"I'm waiting for the landlord to fix that."

Ms Carter said people should mind their own business.

"And they certainly shouldn't be in our yard, looking through windows - no wonder the dogs bark," she said.

"I'm not sure who left the note here, but I really think they should have had the **** to come to the front door.

"And if they want to pay my rent then they can tell me to turn the stereo down."

A neighbour contacted The Daily News to say the note had some truth to it.

"However, that doesn't excuse the way whoever wrote this note has gone about it," the neighbour said.

"Part of me understands their desperation - the dogs bark at night and there's nothing you can do to block it out.

"And I did hear someone prowling around in their yard at about 2am the other night, and I was hoping it was the owner but if it wasn't, then that's terrifying."

Southern Downs Regional Council has a barking dog info sheet on its website.

It recommends residents approach the owners of the problem animal to make them aware of the nuisance.

If the issue is not resolved residents must then complete a noise nuisance diary and then if the barking nuisance is found to be in breach of council law, an on-the-spot fine may be issued.

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