Leyburn Sprints barriers.
Leyburn Sprints barriers. Contributed

Barrier burden left unsolved

A NIGHTMARE was how councillor Mally McMurtrie described the lengthy debate and two failed motions dictating the fate of the cement Leyburn Sprints barriers.

But whether the barriers will stay permanently was still not decided at yesterday's engineering services meeting, with the issue deferred until next week's general meeting - much to the frustration of Councillor Jo McNally.

"We have had 18 months to make a decision about this. I don't think it can go on any longer," she said.

A recent survey of the Leyburn community had about two thirds of residents who responded in favour of keeping the barriers all year, but Councillor Ross Bartley was not satisfied the results really indicated how the community felt.

"I have some issues with the way the survey was conducted. There are only 109 water connections in Leyburn but there were 278 surveys sent out," he said.

A lengthy motion which allowed the barriers to remain as long as they were not left on footpaths between sprints, were "visually treated", were not stored in multiple rows and didn't have private advertising on them, was debated.

It failed to win the approval of Crs Bartley, McMurtrie, Cameron Gow, Denise Ingram and Vic Pennisi and was therefore denied.

There was a suggestion of keeping some of the barriers and Cr Pennisi said he would support the barriers along property boundaries staying, but they needed to be tidied up into straight lines.

"I am not happy to support those on the footpath," he said.

The issue was complicated by the fact there was no clear ownership of barriers which had become the boundary fence lines of private properties, and if the council could control how they were kept.

Cr Pennisi wants to form a reference panel for more community consultation to find out how to best treat the barriers if they remained.

The results of next week's general meeting will be reported in the Daily News.

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