JAILED: Nathan Melody was lsentenced to two-and-a-half years prison for assisting in an armed robbery in Mackay.
JAILED: Nathan Melody was lsentenced to two-and-a-half years prison for assisting in an armed robbery in Mackay. Facebook

ATM robbed by bat-wielding man with history of meth use

A DYSART man has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison after assisting in a shocking armed robbery in West Mackay.

Mackay District Court was told Nathan John Melody, 38, helped an accomplice rob a man who had just taken $100 out of an ATM at Nick's IGA, West Mackay, on January 29, at 3.30am.

Melody pleaded guilty to a single charge of armed robbery in company and a single charge of unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

The court was told the co-offender, who was sentenced on July 2 in Rockhampton, approached the man whom neither knew.

The victim had just withdrew cash and said hello to the co-offender and Melody. The co-offender brandished a bat and asked for his car keys.

The man offered the co-offender $100 he had withdrawn instead, however that wasn't good enough. The co-offender demanded the car keys as well, brandishing the bat, and then a flick knife.

The pair fled in the victim's white ute. Police found the vehicle the next day with Melody's co-offender in it, and the day after went to Melody's house, finding the bat and the knife, and arrested him.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso said Melody had 20 years of entries in his criminal history, all pertaining to drugs, and in statements to police, both men attempted to interfere with the investigation, telling conflicting accounts and blaming one another for the robbery.

Melody's barrister, Stephen Byrne said Melody's was a "very familiar story" where drug abuse spiralled out of control. He told the court Melody was high on ice while committing the robbery.

He said this is "clearly no excuse, (but) just to put the offending into perspective".

Mr Byrne argued Melody's role was secondary in the robbery.

While the bat belonged to Melody, he did not approach the man to rob him, it was said.

"I don't know if much can really be made in the difference in roles," Judge Brian Devereaux said.

Mr Byrne said Melody's work prospects will be excellent when he's back in the community.

"He believes his work prospects will be very good, he has a number of contacts in the industry and he's hopeful of securing employment in a relatively short period of time," he said.

However, Judge Devereaux was disturbed by the robbery.

"The complainant seems to have handled the situation well ... (there are) few things more terrifying, for someone who has just left an ATM, than being chased down with weapons and robbed ... that's a serious offence," he said.

"You gave an account to police that was not correct and sounds like rubbish,". Judge Devereaux said from the outset Melody did not co-operate.

Melody was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

Considering 192 days already served in pre-sentence custody, Melody will be eligible for parole on October 31.

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