Helen Newton, holding a bag made out of milk bottle rings.
Helen Newton, holding a bag made out of milk bottle rings.

Get creative with Helen

THEY say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

And while some may disagree with that, a visit at the Healthy Living Centre is more than enough to make you understand that it’s absolutely correct.

Helen Newton is an expert in taking things that may seem useless and turning them into anything you can imagine.

Beenies, bags, scarves, pretty much anything you can imagine can be made by Helen’s highly-skilled hands.

Today she will host a workshop at the School of Total Education dining hall, showing anyone who is interested how to make a bag out of milk rings and wool.

Creativity can help you achieve anything, as long as you’re open minded, and a visit to Helen’s workshop will convince you anything is possible.

If you have time, Helen will be happy to see you at 2.30pm (the workshop is set to finish at 4pm) so she can show you how you can make something useful out of pretty much nothing.

The workshop is free, all ages and skill levels are welcome, however all children under 12 who wish to attend the workshop should be supervised by an adult.

You can also bring your own rings from milk bottles, wool and crochet needles.

If you don’t have anything, though, don’t be discouraged.

There are spare supplies for everyone.

And if your skills aren’t enough for you to create something good, you can at least meet some new people and spend some quality time with them.

“Nature gives you many ideas as long as you have an open mind and creativity.

“I’m self taught and it all started a few years ago, when I started doing some knitting,” Helen Newton said.

“We have taken part in the Jumpers and Jazz festival, we love showing our work and we have become very popular.

“What I love is that anything you see around you can give you an idea to start doing something.

“Life gets a lot more interesting and you don’t even have to have a plan in mind.

“Just start doing anything you want and see where that gets you. I really hope as many people as possible will attend the workshop, because it’s really interesting to see the things you can create out of what some people consider trash. It’s not only creative and environment-friendly, it’s also a very nice way to meet new people, make friends and spend some quality time doing creative things.”

So, if you feel you’re up for it, you know where to meet Helen and the other members of her workshop.

One thing is for sure, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life, have tea in the afternoon and donate your gold coins to help the workshop.

Don’t miss out on a genuine chance to have fun and fill your life with interesting things.

Also, you can check out the details of the Peace Festival, which will take part on the Labour Day Weekend next year (April 29 to May 2) in Queens Park.

There will be activities for all the family, including workshops, music, concerts, craft, food stalls, films, seminars and school activities, as part of a biennial arts and cultural festival organised by the Healthy Living Centre.

The time it takes place makes it ideal for people to come and spend four days filled with fun and unforgettable experiences in Warwick.

Even though it’s still very early, you can find out everything you want by contacting Ruth Power on 4661 5420 or by e-mail at info@peacefestival.com.au, so you can arrange the details of your stay at Warwick.

In recent years, the festival has been very successful, with people from all over Australia coming to Warwick to take part in the festivities organised by the Healthy Living Centre and it’s that success that encourages the hosts to keep trying hard to make every festival better than the previous one.

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