IN COURT: These were the wildest outbursts to come before the Warwick courts. Picture: mrohana / iStock
IN COURT: These were the wildest outbursts to come before the Warwick courts. Picture: mrohana / iStock

BEHAVING BADLY: Warwick’s wild court cases


A number of Rose City residents front court for wild public behaviour, facing consequences from behaviour bonds to jail sentences.

From huge shopping centre brawls to street fights and police abuse, these are six crazy cases to come through the Warwick courts in the past year:

An abusive argument between two women in Rose City Shoppingworld quickly escalated into a street brawl, earning both offenders a court date.

Shamahla Rose Washington was with her boyfriend David Carl Binion, 21, at the Warwick shopping centre when she got into a verbal argument with another young woman on July 7 last year.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard the 18-year-old and the other woman continued taunting each other until they were pulled outside onto Grafton St by their boyfriends, where a physical fight broke out between the four.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said the pair said the brawl continued along the street and into the nearby taxi rank, with the group still going at it when police arrived.

The outburst was labelled “deplorable” and an affront to patrons by Magistrate Julian Noud.

Washington pleaded guilty to affray and committing a public nuisance, and Binion pleaded guilty to one count of affray.

The 21-year-old was placed on nine months’ probation due to his previous affray convictions, while his girlfriend was fined $400. Only Binion’s conviction was recorded.

A Warwick woman who was on parole for a stabbing crime found herself back before the courts after brawling in a busy shopping centre.

Kylie Marie Allen threw herself into a fight between about six people at Rose City Shoppingworld in September, 2019, with her and another woman pulling each other’s hair and rolling around on the ground.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan told the court the incident was captured in CCTV, with a number of children also witnessing the outburst.

It was only months later in January, 2020 that Allen became agitated and removed her shirt in Warwick Hungry Jack’s, telling police “C---suckers” and “f---wits” when they directed her to put it back on.

The 26-year-old also kicked in the car door and rear panel of a vehicle at her partner’s ex-girlfriend’s home when she was denied entry to the house in the same month.

She was found in possession of the restricted drug Lyrica, marijuana, a bong, and a pipe when police searched her Warwick home.

Allen pleaded guilty to obstructing police, affray, contravening a police requirement, and a number of drug charges.

She was placed on probation for two years.


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A Warwick mum claimed watching her special needs son be subjected to prolonged bullying drove her to take matters into her own hands, assaulting a teenager.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard a physical attack on the 44-year-old’s son was the catalyst to the decision to stop her car and approach a 13-year-old boy in June last year.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said the woman verbally abused the boy and calling his names, at one point grabbing the teen by the face and asked him “are you listening to me? Are you paying attention?”

Lawyer Nathan Bouchier said the woman’s partner found her son on the ground and saw a group of boys, including the complainant child, running away.

Mr Bouchier said the incident was the latest in a long history of bullying, and submitted several character references suggesting it was “out of character”.

The woman was placed on a $500 good behaviour bond by magistrate Julian Noud, who said it was clear her offending was driven by “extreme frustration”. No conviction was recorded.

When two Warwick men were sold bread wrapped in foil instead of $300 worth of drugs, their plan to get a refund ended with two violent assaults at a pub.

Colin Angus Chowns, 24, and another man organised to buy the marijuana from two men at a Warwick home in November last year.

The pair soon realised they’d been ripped off and went to the Horse and Jockey Hotel Motel, where Chowns was an employee, to confront their dealers.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said Chowns’ co-accused tackled a man they thought was one of the suppliers outside the pub, punching him in the head a number of times.

The pair then headed inside the pub and found one of the men actually involved, where Chowns’ co-accused rubbed the bread he’d earlier mistaken for marijuana in his victim’s face.

The fight was eventually broken up, which defence lawyer Phillip Crook claimed was his client’s attempt to protect his employer.

Magistrate Julian Noud condemned Chowns’ conduct as “disgraceful, shameful, and inexcusable”, but acknowledged he was not the primary offender.

He was placed on 18 months’ probation and ordered to pay $200 compensation to their innocent victim. No conviction was recorded.

His co-accused was also charged but his matter remains before the courts.

A Southern Downs father was sentenced to up to three years behind bars after holding up a servo with a cattle rod.

Jake David Spackman and a co-offender forced their way into the Oman Ama BP service station at about 7am in May, 2019, where a young woman was the only employee in the store.

The Warwick District Court heard the 23-year-old was armed with a cattle rod, his accomplice a crowbar, and both men wore balaclavas to disguise themselves.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso told the court Spackman, who had an extensive criminal history, pocketed items from the shelves and took the employee’s phone to prevent her calling for help.

Spackman pleaded guilty to one count each of armed robbery and entering with intent to commit an indictable offence.

He was sentenced to three years’ jail with eligibility for parole after a year.

The 23-year-old’s co-offender, Mitchell Thomas Malcolm Skinner, was sentenced in the Toowoomba Supreme Court earlier this year and given a jail sentence of three and a half years.

A man who flew into a violent rage when his pregnant partner flushed his recently purchased methamphetamines down the toilet was condemned for his “appalling” behaviour.

The Stanthorpe Magistrates Court heard the heated altercation broke out at the couple’s home on November 14 last year, where the man destroyed a flatscreen TV and window while screaming obscenities at his partner.

Police prosecutor Steve de Lissa said the Stanthorpe man, who cannot be named, admitted to police he was a drug addict and became enraged when his partner flushed the ice he’d just purchased.

The man appeared in court with a previous assault conviction.

He pleaded guilty to one count of contravening a domestic violence order and was fined $650.

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