Ben Lee's Deeper Into Dream is out now.
Ben Lee's Deeper Into Dream is out now.

Ben Lee talks dreams

Straight from the driveway of his LA home, and not long before his dinner time, Ben Lee talks to APN online about his eighth solo album Deeper into Dream.

Hi Ben, tell us what your new album is about?

Dreams (laughs). 

Haha we gathered that.


At its core, dreams. It arrived mysteriously from my unconscious.

What has the response to it been like so far?

I don't know. I guess there hasn't been much of one. It's low key. I knew once I finished it there wasn't any hit singles on it and that means no big tours. It was more about making a record with a strong intent. It has a strong atmosphere. It will take time (for a response) because it relies on people passing it on.

What inspired you to include and mix your own dreams, as well as other people's dreams, on the album? Were they real dreams?

Yes they're all real dreams. I got interested, first working on my own dreams and then working on telling my friend's dreams. I started cutting them up and randomly connecting them and finding psychic connections between the dreams. And the randomness of it all, that's great too.

Do you believe that dreams have specific meanings?

I don't believe one thing means one thing. The process of dealing with dreams is opening up to possibilities, to open up to things I wasn't aware of like desires, etc. and other things that are not apparent on the surface.

What did you open up to or learn?

I know nothing about myself. Whoever I think I am, my dreams show me every night there are whole realities of myself that I am not aware of.  Also, there was a freedom in it.

What song resonates with you best and why?

Me Into It. It has no structure, no tempo and no melody (laughs). And Freeform because I am interested in chaos.

Speaking of chaos, you kicked off your solo career with Grandpaw Would in 1995 and since then have released, what, another 6 or 7 albums, won ARIAs and become an actor. How have you changed/evolved since then?

I know now that the work is its own reward… I am making music that's an experience for me now and worrying about everything else later. I wasn't aware of how indoctrinated into the system I was in the past and this you don't realise this until you get older.

What's next on the horizon for Ben Lee?

I started a new record so I guess I will so how the momento goes with that.

Wow, no wasting time. What's it all about?

The new project, it's even weirder than this one. I don't even know if there are going to be any words on the album.

No words?

OK, maybe there will be two words.

OK, so two words? That's very specific and a lot of pressure on two words.

Yes. It's about an atmosphere that me and my collaborator are interested in and we're going to serve that.

We wish you all the best with it.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

The album ...

1. My First Dream
2. Deeper Into Dream
3. Lean Into It
4. Indian Myna
5. Pointless Beauty
6. When The Light Goes Out
7. My Second Dream
8. Glue
9. The Church Of Everybody Else
10. I Want My Mind Back
11. Get Used To It
12. Dirty/My Third Dream

Visit Ben's website for more information

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