Bigger gloves may help avert injuries: boxing trainer

WARWICK boxing trainer Chris Fox has advocated the use of bigger gloves in professional boxing in the wake of the death of Toowoomba star Braydon Smith.

It may seem back to front but the heavier the gloves, the lighter the power of the punch and the wider area the punch is felt on the head or body.

"Gloves are two ounces heavier in the professionals compared to the amateurs," Fox, a former state global boxing association heavyweight champion said.

"I believe Braydon would have been using eight ounce gloves in featherweight but in the same division in amateurs 10 ounce gloves would be used.

"We use 16 ounce gloves in sparring as we don't like anyone getting hurt. There is a bit more padding between a punch and the body with bigger gloves."

He is unsure whether compulsory headgear would stop some injuries in the sport.

"Headgear may be another option but if you are hit and have headgear on, you still know about it," Fox said.

He doesn't accept calls in the metropolitan media to ban the sport. In the article, it was stated this week's fatal injury was the first in the state in boxing for 20 years.

"You always know when you box there is a chance you are going to get hurt but don't think it will happen," he said.

Fox erected the ring at Rumours for the fight night on Saturday and saw Braydon Smith's fight.

"Braydon won a couple of rounds and lost on points but there were no knock downs. I didn't see anything to suggest that the referee or Braydon's trainer and father Brendon should have stopped the fight.

"He did the media interview, was shaking hands with everyone but looked like he was a bit busted."

As Fox and his helpers were pulling down the ring at the end of the night, he headed to the dressing rooms to thank promoter Brendon Smith.

"I went up to see Brendon and was told Braydon was in a bit of strife and there were ambulance officers there. Next day, I heard he had been airlifted to Brisbane,"

On Monday afternoon, Braydon passed away with family and friends at his side.

Fox said Braydon was a really good young fellow.

"He was always polite and would be happy to talk to anyone," Fox said.

Braydon was in Warwick with his father and fellow boxer Les Sherrington at the Daily News/Warwick Credit Union Junior Sports Awards night in 2012 when Brendon was guest speaker. All three impressed the crowd.

At the time, Brendon spoke of being related to the Tanna family which had a long association with business in Warwick when they had a fruit shop at the top end of Palmerin St.


We asked our readers what they thought about calls to ban the sport of's what some of them had to say:

Nick Cussen: I don't think so. Sure its a brutal sport. But so are rugby league, union, american football and ice hockey among others. It was a terrible thing that happened dont get me wrong but remember Phil Hughes died playing cricket by a terrible tragedy yet no one called for cricket to be banned. More precautions- yes but complete banning- no.

Leanne Manwaring: No every sport has had a death some how while people are playing let's ban driving as more people die whilst driving than playing sport instead of banning certain sports let's see what can be done to ban high profile sports players who are caught using...See More

Matthew John Bethel: No. 1 death out of how many years???

Jason Kielly: No, what would Braydon want

Loren Waites: Nope. Like any sport or even driving a vehicle there are known risks. Let folks choose whether to do it or not.

Courtney Sutton: I think they should be made to wear head protection

Geane Lambert Lamb: No , people die swimming are they going to ban that people die in car crashes are they going to ban that ,

Shirleen Mckenzie That is so NOT what that young fellow was fighting for

Gavin Beckhouse: Definitely not. There are alot more dangerous risks in life we take everyday, than jumping in the ring.

Colin O'brien: No but maybe introduce headguards like amatuer boxing and score fights rewarding body hits more than headshots just a thought.

Kym Seibel: No.... boxing has helped lots of kids over the years. There are dangers and risks in every sports. Don't ban it. I do feel for his family. R.I.P

Yvette Taffe: Is there a way to minimise head injury perhaps? It's not a sport I agree with or watch but wouldn't support a ban on it either

Cecil Barnard: No, how about choice?

Dwayne Monaghan: Yes

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