IN COURT: A Warwick man spent his birthday behind bars after a year of offending came to an end last week.
IN COURT: A Warwick man spent his birthday behind bars after a year of offending came to an end last week.

Birthday behind bars for serial offender

IT was birthday candles behind bars for 26-year-old Zach Griffith Coles-Seerden when the law finally caught up with him after a year of offending.

Coles-Seerden pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Wednesday to a string of offences which began in May last year.

The first of his offences happened at the Warwick Bunnings on May 30 when Coles-Seerden stole a blow torch, hiding it in the jumper he was wearing, the court was told.

He took two grinding discs from a shelf and went to pay for those, but the cashier suspected Coles-Seerden was hiding something.

He told the cashier it was something he used to protect himself, but refused to show what it was.

The court was told same day police found Coles-Seerden at Ellwood Ave wearing the same clothing. He told police he didn’t really steal the blow torch, instead threw it in the bush at Bunnings before he left, but he had planned to sell it due to owing money to his grandfather.

On October 6 on Lamington Dr, South Gladstone Coles-Seerden was intercepted by police where he was found driving despite being disqualified by court order.

Less than a week later on October 11 Coles-Seerden was driving again, this time on Cockatoo Dr with his 18-month-old son in a booster seat the court was told.

On February 12 Coles-Seeerden was intercepted in Toolooa, at the time carrying 0.9g of cannabis which he told police he smoked to keep calm.

Just over a month later Coles-Seerden was intercepted again on Victoria Ave, Glen Eden.

The court was told he had been due in court earlier that month but said didn’t appear because he only had a single and shorts and said he couldn’t go to court wearing that.

Coles-Seerden told police he had a knife in his waist band, but it was the bulge in the front of his shorts that caught their attention.

Coles-Seerden removed a bandana with two clip-seal bags containing meth and a glass pipe, items he insisted weren’t his, he had just hidden them when he saw the police.

Coles-Seerden missed three court appearances between Warwick Magistrates and Gladstone Magistrates court during the offending period and breached his bail conditions four times.

The offending came to an end when Coles-Seerden handed himself in and was taken into pre-sentence custody five days prior to his hearing on July 8.

Defence Lawyer Jun Pepito said his client had left Warwick due to issues with drugs and wanting to remove himself from the situation in hopes of reconnecting with family in Gladstone.

Mr Pepito said what pushed Coles-Seerden was when the mother of his 18-month-old son was allegedly dealing drugs in front of the children.

Court proceedings with the mother and attending a funeral in Warwick were two of the reasons given for missing his court dates and breaching his bailed conditions.

Deputy Chief Magistrates Leanne O’Shea said she was disappointed to see Coles-Seerden’s criminal history stretched back to when he was 17.

“I’m doing the best I’ve ever done in a long time,” Coles-Seerden told her.

“You don’t seem to have learned many lessons as you have proceeded along your criminal activity,” Ms O’Shea said.

She sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment, eligible for parole on November 8, declaring five days already served.

He was also disqualified from driving for two years.

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