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Blue notes a thing of the past

THEIR first pay packet couldn't earn them a large Big Mac meal.

Earning just $10 each for their first gig, Sunshine Coast band Girl Friday have well and truly worked their way up from the bottom.

Trusting the process, the four-piece band stuck out the hard times, choosing not to worry about money, rather focusing on getting their music out into the public.

This process allowed them to turn their first gig into a regular performance, and giving them a full book in under a year of formation.

In the last month they've performed under the nose of a World War 2 aircraft and a restored garage, and this weekend they will add the unique Jumpers and Jazz festival onto that list.

Vocalist Michele G said that the formation of the band was unorthodox in every sense of the word.

"I was at a social gathering completely unrelated to music,” she said.

"I was chatting to a woman who said her son plays bass, and it turned out that he lives just five minutes away from me.

"Logan and I instantly hit it off musically, which is rare, and immediately we began working on a set list and started writing together.

"Logan knew drummer Peter from a previous encounter, and also Jon, so from there we were able to land our first gig.”

The rest is history from there, and now the four-piece band consisting of Michele G on vocals, Logan McIvor on bass, drummer Peter Coombs and Jon Owens on saxophone were ready to entertain at the festival.

"People who come will see a talented and tight-knit bunch of musicians,” Michele G said.

"They'll hear songs they haven't heard played in a jazz scenario before, as well as a number of our originals.

"We love to entertain, and we're looking forward to bringing our style to town.”

Girl Friday aims to revive a number of greats in their work, including Etta James, George Benson and Peggy Lee, and also puts a jazz swing onto artists such as the world-renowned Maroon 5.

The band is yet to experience the sights and sounds of the Jumpers and Jazz festival, however Michele G said the band is eagerly anticipating the event.

"Someone I know who was moving to Warwick said we should perform,” she said.

"We did further research, and we were very impressed.

"People we've spoken to have been raving about it, the photos we've seen have been brilliant, and it's something we wanted to be a part of.

"We can't wait to come to Warwick.”

Girl Friday commences their Jumper and Jazz performances at Town Hall on Friday night.

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