LEFT OUT: Allora Butchery one of the family businesses let hurting after phonebook faux pa.
LEFT OUT: Allora Butchery one of the family businesses let hurting after phonebook faux pa.

Blunder sees Allora businesses suffer damaging snub

ALLORA businesses are feeling neglected after a phonebook blunder left the town unlisted for 2020.

Residents voiced their disappointment in the phonebook (‘Local Search’) company’s lack of Allora business numbers despite the publication’s promise on its front page to cover the area.

Aaron Vietheer, owner of Allora Butchery said it’s disappointing to an area which has already fallen on such hard times.

“It’s the little towns, we’re often forgotten,” he said.

“But I’m not surprised, it seems everything’s done in halves these days, big businesses aren’t taking responsibility for their actions and the little ones are suffering.”

Dianne Louw a customer servcie reprsentative from Local Search said a technical error left all Southern Downs listings out of the book.

“For some reason our siystem pulled the Southern Downs listings from the Toowoomba and surrounds phone directory and put it in an online ilsting directory only,” she said.

“Unfortunately it was a technical error which we can only ammend by adding businesses into the online listing and ensure they will be printed in the 2021 issue.”

Ms Louw confimed the front read that it should have covered Toowoomba, Crows Nest, Pittwsorth, Allora, Clifton Oakley and Milmerran but the best little town on the downs was not lsited in the pages.

Mr Vietheer hopes it won’t greatly affect business.

“Its hard to say what kind of impact that will have,” said.

“In tough times already you never know what’s actually hurting and it would be nice to have this go our way but things never seem to these days.”

Joel Bunyan, owner of Amy’s Country Cafe said he doesn’t believe it will be much of an issue for his business.

“If people want to find us, they will on the internet or they’ve already got our number,” he said.

But Mr Vietheer said the situation could the leave elderly population of Allora isolated.

“You have elderly population here, which are a majority and in a lot of small towns who won’t go to the internet, I know I myself prefer the phonebook,” he said.

“I guess we can hope they will reprint it and in the meantime focus on our existing customers’ experience.”

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