One man has been arrested at the scene.
One man has been arrested at the scene. Zarisha Bradley

LISTEN: Woman reveals devastating impact of stolen car crash

LATEST 2.15PM: A NORTH Mackay resident has been left devastated after a stolen vehicle was crashed through her front fence, destroying her garden and sentimental items. 

Irene Sunnerdale, 83, was in her rumpus room when the stolen Triton careened through her front fence. 

"I was doing some ironing when 'crash bang' and I didn't know what was happening, the whole house shook it seemed," Ms Sunnerdale said. 

"I got the fright of my life." 

Ms Sunnerdale was distraught a ceramic elephant, given to her by a friend who had since passed away, was destroyed in the crash. 

"I am just so upset about my animals. I had an African garden in Hervey Bay and I brought them all the way from with me and I had a big ceramic elephant, my friend who passed away gave it to me, and it's all gone," she said. 

"That's what I hate about things. You can fix a fence but you can't bring that elephant back to me.

"I just came out and everything was wrecked, I just can't believe that anyone would do that." 

Ms Sunnerdale said she saw the vehicle take off 'flat out' after the crash. 

"It reversed back and hit the fence next door," she said. 

"I just wondered what happened. The council man was down emptying the bins and he blocked the road off so they couldn't get out so they went over and jumped the fence. 

"The police chased them." 

Ms Sunnerdale's neighbour Colin said he was enjoying a tranquil beer under the trees when the incident unfolded before his eyes. 

"The car drove in, came straight up to the end of the units here, put it in reverse, hit the fences, smashed all the fence then tried to go forward to come around, hit a pole up there," he said. 

"Then they got out and they fled, they kicked the fence down and ran through the panel.

"I thought, 'something's going on'. It was nice and quiet and pretty tranquil until that happened." 


A car smashed through a fence in Hamilton Street.
A car smashed through a fence in Hamilton Street.

UPDATE 1.45PM: A TRITON stolen from a Glenella home overnight has been crashed in North Mackay. 

Multiple police crews are responding to a Hamilton Street address following reports the vehicle has smashed through multiple fences. 

The driver and a passenger, understood to be juveniles, have fled on foot. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 8.26AM: A JUVENILE involved in a search at Andergrove this morning has reportedly stolen another vehicle and is driving dangerously in the Mackay area. 

A white Mitsubishi Triton was stolen from a Hicks Road, Glenella home overnight and police have since received multiple reports of the vehicle being driven erratically. 

The vehicle is reportedly speeding through school zones, almost rolled taking a corner too quickly, has struck wheelie bins and was last reported doing doughnuts in Celeber Drive. 

Police are working to intercept the vehicle. 

Reports indicate the juvenile driving the vehicle was involved in the incident at Andergrove this morning. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 7.25AM: THE DOG squad has been called in to assist police in the hunt for an offender in Andergrove. 

The male offender is on foot in the vicinity of Wattle St after reportedly being involved in a vehicle theft. 

Police are preparing for the dog squad to head into the area and 'flush the offender out'. 

More to come. 

Cordon in Andergrove as police hunt offender
Cordon in Andergrove as police hunt offender Zarisha Bradley

BREAKING 6.45AM: POLICE have established a cordon in Andergrove as they search for an offender.

While details are sketchy at this stage, the Daily Mercury understands multiple police crews are positioned throughout Andergrove in the vicinity of Wattle Street, Raintree Court and Banksia Avenue.

One person, a male, is in custody at the scene and police are searching for a second male.

It is understood a stolen vehicle is also involved, however the outstanding offender is are now on foot.

Police have recovered the stolen vehicle.

The dog squad is also reportedly involved.

More to come.

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