BRILLIANT: The new yellow Plentifall Pansies are show stoppers.
BRILLIANT: The new yellow Plentifall Pansies are show stoppers. Dennis Wisken

Bright colour is Plentifall

IF THERE'S one thing we all agree on when it comes to gardening, it's adding some eye-catching colour to brighten our surroundings. And this week, we have some plants everyone can enjoy.

Pansy Plentifall Trailing Yellow is the new addition to the Plentifall collection and what an outstanding buttery yellow it is.

As with the existing colours of azure frost, lavender and white, the trailing yellow has an exceptional branching habit.

These pansies grow well in the full sun, and reach about 60cm across and 15-20cm high, making them ideal for pots and other containers. How gorgeous would they look trailing down the sides of containers with the masses of flowers pictured here? One plant is sufficient to fill a 25cm pot or basket, while two or three will easily fill larger ones.

Plentifalls produce medium-size blooms during autumn, which become larger during the cooler weather, and the faint whisker markings on the bright yellow flowers also deepen.

The flowers recover quickly after rain, handy for all of us given the continuing showers we're receiving this season.

Think of using Plentifalls as a ground cover, or grow them in urns on either side of the driveway entrance or the base of steps, or grow them in a wide, shallow plastic bowl, which can be moved around to display the brilliant colour for special occasions.

A most effective display could be produced by hanging half-round baskets on a blank wall, fence or screen, and as they are quick to flower, only taking about six weeks from planting and continuing through to spring, you'll enjoy many months of colour.


This is a wonderful time of year to get out into the garden and attend to the many things that need attention following the hot weather.

Keep those weeds down by chipping the small ones out as they appear with a three-pronged or dutch hoe. By stopping them at birth, you won't have them forming flowers and seeds to continue their occupation of your garden for years to come.

This is also the time to prune back summer flowering shrubs, and if you have fuchsias, give them a haircut and apply some controlled-release fertiliser to keep them flowering through to July.

Yandina workshops

Thw Yandina Community Gardens free workshops, in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Council's Living Smart program, invites you, your friends, family and neighbours of all ages to attend their diverse range of events.

An introduction to making cheese and kefir by Elisabeth Fekonia will be held next Saturday at their community gardens on the corner of North and Farrell Sts, Yandina, starting at 9.30am, and lasting for about one-and-a-half to two hours.

Elisabeth will demystify the cheese-making process, and samples will be available for tasting on the day.

The next workshop will be on Saturday, May 12, with Mark Fry who will discuss garden tool care and maintenance - a lesson most of us need to learn.

Open gardens

A reminder to readers that the Maleny Botanic Gardens at 233 Maleny-Stanley River Road, Maleny, is open today only, and is something the garden-loving public will certainly enjoy, even those who may need to take a reasonably lengthy drive to get there.

Owner Frank Shipp has created some inspirational areas, and has a broad range of plants to suit every taste.

Colin Campbell will provide two 30-minute talks, there'll be refreshments available all day, raffles and plants for sale, and ample parking for everyone.

Don't miss it.

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