JAILED: Michael William Fleming will be released on parole on May 10.
JAILED: Michael William Fleming will be released on parole on May 10. Facebook

Brothers jailed after terrifying Gladstone carjacking ordeal

A MAN was so afraid after being bashed with a metal bar and forced to drive around Gladstone by his girlfriend's two brothers that he jumped from a moving car, sustaining serious injuries.

Witnesses saw the man fall out of the driver's door and land on his head before the car was driven away.

In a victim impact statement, the man told police he could not drive, work, or socialise after the incident, which was sparked by a family dispute over a borrowed tyre.

The two brothers, Michael William Fleming, 31, and Jason Fleming, 30, were sentenced to prison at Gladstone District Court this morning for subjecting the man to the terrifying ordeal on January 2 last year.

Both brothers pleaded guilty to unlawfully entering a vehicle with intent to commit an offence with violence, armed and in company.

The incident took place at about midday, starting at a meeting of family members and partners at Woolworths Kirkwood following a family quarrel.

That's when the pair arrived unexpectedly and got inside the victim's car, with Michael sitting in the front seat and Jason sitting in the back.

Michael was holding a metal bar used to change tyres, which his lawyer said he had brought along to take back the borrowed tyre if needed.

The brothers then told the victim to drive, and the three set off on a terrifying 11-minute journey down Dixon Dr, turning onto Glenlyon Rd, Philip St and eventually the Dawson Hwy.


Gladstone Court House.
Gladstone Court House. Matt Taylor

At one point, Michael Fleming bashed the victim in the face with the metal bar, causing heavy bleeding from his forehead.

Jason Fleming also struck the man in the head from the back seat.

At several points they told the victim to turn down side streets, which Crown prosecutor Ryder Reid said contributed greatly to his state of fear.

Shortly after pulling onto the Dawson Hwy, the victim dived out of the car, landing on his head and suffering two broken teeth, abrasions to his limbs and back and lacerations to his scalp and forehead.

Michael Fleming's lawyer, barrister Scott Moon, described the incident as a "family affair gone wrong", and said he had instructions from his client that the men were directing the victim to their mother's house to exchange property - though he admitted the victim may not have known this.

But Mr Reid told Judge Michael Burnett it was a "calculated, violent attack" on someone who did not deserve it.

He said there was a strong need for both defendants to be deterred from offending again, given each of them had serious criminal histories.

Michael Fleming's history included breaking a man's shin with a metal bar over a drug dispute as a minor, and later elbowing a man in the face and strangling a woman during an argument.

Jason Fleming's history included a conviction as a minor for instigating a two-hour long attack on a teenage girl, and a conviction for pushing a lit cigarette into a woman's face.

Judge Burnett was told both men had had very difficult childhoods, but had since made considerable efforts to better themselves, in particular Jason whose last offence occurred a decade ago.

He sentenced both men to two years and three months in prison, though he set different parole dates based on their criminal histories and prospects for rehabilitation.

Jason Fleming will serve three months behind bars before his sentence becomes suspended for four years, while Michael Fleming will serve eight months before being released on parole.

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