Business growth fuels confidence

UP TO 300 jobs have been created in the past four years, thanks to the construction or redevelopment of nearly 30 businesses in the region.

New constructions such as Supa IGA and the Coachman's Inn have helped speed the Warwick economy on, as well as redevelopments – from the Wood St BP to Zaraffa's.

A new wave of jobs will be created in two weeks when another business plants its flag in Warwick.

RM Williams is set to open on Monday August 22, in Rose City Shoppingworld.

It will take up the shopfront of the old Warwick Credit Union.

Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) community services director Tony Minuti said the results of the past four years were “extremely positive”.

“The number (of jobs created from business and constructions) is significant, and has provided a steady injection of funds into our local economy at a time when it is certainly needed,” he said.

“At a time when the local business community has weathered the effects of the recent economic storm, it is heartening to see the diverse scale of new constructions and redevelopments within the Southern Downs Region.”

Stanthorpe results were just as pleasing, Mr Minuti said, with more than 60 new jobs being created during the past three to four years.

“Council's economic development team are committed to supporting development and investment within the region and are happy to provide information and advice to help local businesses expand and grow,” he said.

“The team is currently working on a number of development initiatives for local businesses.”

An SDRC spokeswoman said it had been surprising to tally the economic developments.

“You don't really notice the commercial growth as a whole because it's happening all the time,” she said.

“You get excited when a new development is on the cards, and go ‘hey, that's great', but pretty soon after it's finished it becomes part of the fabric of the day-to-day.

“It's not until you look at the recent investments and redevelopments in Warwick as a whole that you see what an impressive list it is.

"The same goes for Stanthorpe.

“It's an expression of confidence in the local economy by the developers.

"All these developments have proven to be successful; some have operators taking them over, the businesses are growing and it's creating jobs.”



Constructions or redevelopments in Warwick in the past four years:

  • Reece Plumbing
  • Steele's Bakery
  • Hungry Jack's
  • Aldi Supermarket
  • Abbey of the Roses refurbishment

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