The proposed plans for Canning Park in Killarney.
The proposed plans for Canning Park in Killarney. Contributed

SPEAK UP: Call for submissions over Killarney project

KILLARNEY residents are being urged to speak up, after the Southern Downs Regional Council called for feedback and submissions surrounding the construction of a proposed community centre in the town.

The council has received funding under the State Government Works 4 Queensland funding program, meaning the construction of the facility will come at no cost to the council.

The proposed centre will include a council customer service desk, a council library, Wi-Fi hot spot, tourist information, a disaster coordination centre and numerous other purposes that could be considered.

While comment online about the proposal was mixed, Killarney resident Tony Pearson said the plan was a total waste of money.

"Even though this is being funded, so it's not local ratepayer's money, it's still taxpayer's money.

"They're getting to the stage where they have to do something with the funding or they'll lose it."

Mr Pearson said the concept first came up when he was in charge of the Killarney Heritage Centre.

"The CEO and a planner came out to Killarney and had a look at the available infrastructure," he said.

"With regards to doing something with the heritage centre, there was a originally talk of relocating Murray's Bridge Hall out here, and scout hall was also looked at as a possible answer, it looks like that might be what's happening here."

Mr Pearson said as far as he knew the scout hall would shift to Canning Park to become the proposed centre.

"Aesthetically, it will fit in nicely," he said.

"There's some concern that Canning Park will lose its toilets if the building is extended.

"But realistically, Killarney residents don't have too many legs to stand on when it comes to opposing anything.

"This was all brought up in the draft budget meeting and there were only nine Killarney residents at that meeting, which is pretty slack.

"I think people are concerned we might lose the park, but the plans are online for all to see.

"Some people think this is all a great idea, and there are others who don't - people have to start thinking about what happens after it's all done, who've going to run it etc?"

Mr Pearson said one major benefit of any community centre would be the library.

"At the moment we have to utilise the mobile library and there's no telling how much longer that will be around for," he said."

The multi-purpose centre will either be located at Lot 2 on RP122016 or Lot 8 on RP15684, which currently form Canning Park.

SDRC is seeking feedback from the community in relation to the use of this 'open space' to house the centre.

Additionally, the council is also seeking information from members of the community who may have verified knowledge in relation to the historic use of this land.

All submissions must be received by council no later than Friday, April 20 2018 and can be on the SDRC website.

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