Call for help to find mobile black spots

CLIMBING a tree with your mobile phone held up in the air to gain a few bars of reception could soon be a thing of the past, if Bruce Scott gets his way.

The Federal Member for Maranoa is backing his government's promise of $100 million to fix mobile black spots, and is calling for readers' help to list them all in our region.

"We get complaints about mobile coverage all the time, members all across Australia are hearing from constituents needing access to their mobile phones and not getting it," Mr Scott said.

So far, the list of troublesome areas in our region include Goomburra, Junabee, Emu Vale, Leyburn, Severnlea, Stanthorpe, Goondiwindi and Texas.

Work on the Coalition's mobile black spot program is due to begin as soon as the new government is sworn in at parliament on November 12.

"We'll then begin what will be a competitive tender process, where carriers or communications companies will bid for the money to provide new mobile phone towers," Mr Scott explained.

The Coalition will provide $80 million for a Mobile Network Expansion Program, which is set to improve mobile phone coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to experiencing natural disasters.

With a further $100 million expected to come from investors, the number of new mobile phone towers and infrastructure across Australia could mean real improvements in black spot areas for our region.

Residents took to the Daily News Facebook page to share their black spot stories.

"The Caltex truckstop has no signal unless you stand either in front of diesel pump 11 or near the door in the truckies lounge," Terry West said.

"That's the only place you will get Telstra signal but you will get Virgin over the whole site - it's got me baffled!"

Parts of the Rose City itself aren't even immune to issues, it seems.

"Weewondilla Road - absolutely terrible," Dee Carrie said. "Areas in Glennie Heights have poor mobile phone coverage," Carol Chalk added.

Real estate agent Darryl Evans said Telstra service dropped out "in the dips before Yangan and after Yangan up Coopers Gully".

Jody Barbierato luckily has mobile phone issues behind her. "But when I lived over at Goomburra I used to have to leave my phone on the window sill of the lounge room to get service," she said.

Greymare resident Megan Benz now has a mobile booster antenna to gain mobile phone coverage.

"Before we got the antenna we had one spot in the hallway of our house we could receive calls and it would drop out at the slightest movement, or we had to stand on the tank stand," she said. "And our landline spends as much time not working as working. The combination of both is why we got the antenna but it was a long painful process."

Other problematic areas include Freestone, Swan Creek, Mt Sturt, Greymare to Karara, Swanfels and Maryvale.

If you have a mobile phone black spot leave a comment on our Facebook page and the Daily News will pass on to Bruce Scott's office.

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