Toowoomba boy's death leads to calls for quad bike bans

A QUEENSLAND Coroner has recommended laws be introduced to ban children under 16 years from using adult quad bikes, following the death of an 11-year-old boy near Toowoomba.

The boy, who cannot be named because of a court order, was among nine people whose deaths on quad bikes formed part of a coronial investigation.

The boy was riding an adult quad bike on his property near Toowoomba when it overturned and trapped him underneath in September 2012.

Deputy State Coroner John Lock handed down his findings from the second phase of the inquest yesterday and recommended the State Government introduce legislation to stop children under 16 years old using adult quad bikes.

He also recommended banning children under seven being carried as a passenger on adult bikes or side-by-side vehicles.

Mr Lock said laws should be introduced that would allow children aged six to 16 to ride youth-sized quad bikes only.

The inquest also examined the deaths of other Queenslanders, including feedlot maintenance supervisor Geoffrey Moore, 51, who died after a faulty quad bike crashed into a fence at Grassdale, near Dalby.

Other recommendations Mr Lock handed down yesterday included making helmets compulsory on quad bikes and side-by-side vehicles on roads and road-related areas and an Australian standard for quad bike helmets.

"There is currently no requirement to wear a helmet for non-work purposes whilst driving a quad bike or SSV (side-by-side vehicle) in Queensland," Mr Lock said.

A side-by-side vehicle seats two to six people based on a quad bike model and has a bucket seating arrangement, steering wheel, seatbelts and a rollover protection system.

A licensing scheme for quad bike riders, who would also have to undergo training, was another recommendation.


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