Animal Liberation Queensland has renewed its calls for a calf roping ban after a contestant was fined for a code violation at the Stanthorpe Rodeo.

Footage released by ALQ shows the rider bringing a calf to a sudden stop, flipping a calf over its hind quarters, to land on its back, on Saturday.
ALQ rodeo campaign director Gayle D’Arcy said the incident was traumatic for the beast. “We heard frightened calves bellowing after being roped,” she said.

“We saw the whites of their eyes showing after they had been tied up, which is a known indicator of stress.

“Even the rodeo crowd frequently gasped at the confronting moments when the calves running away at full speed were roped around their necks and brought to a sudden stop.”

The incident comes after a horse died in the Stanthorpe Rodeo ring in 2020.

ALQ is calling on the Queensland Government to ban the event, in line with bans in Victoria and South Australia.

The rider at fault was fined $50 for the offence and disqualified from the event.

National Rodeo Association board member Steve Augustine watched from the ringside and agreed that it was an unfortunate accident, but he denied any claim that the calf was injured.

“It jumped straight up and it showed no drastic evidence of trauma,” he said.

“The angle of that video makes it look worse than it was.

“I spoke to the contractor the next day and if you walked among those calves you wouldn’t know which ones were used and which ones were not.”

Mr Augustine put the sudden stop down to the unintended placement of the rope along the calf’s back.

He said this prevented a device attached to the rider’s saddle from giving the rope enough slack to ease the calf to a stop. 

“It is rare,” Mr Augustine said.

“You’d be lucky to see it happen more than once or twice a year.” 

Originally published as Calls to ban roping after calf flipped at Stanthorpe Rodeo

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