Simon Mattsson is concerned about rising power prices.
Simon Mattsson is concerned about rising power prices. Mitchell Bazley

Cane farmers fighting rising power costs

POWER prices are causing a world of trouble for cane growers across the country who believe it is now time for a serious energy legislative overhaul.

Marian mixed farmer Simon Mattsson, of Central Queensland Soil Health Systems, said that Australia's energy crisis was a concern for everyone in the Sugarcane industry.

"I'm basically working for nothing at the moment. All my wages are being put towards the power bill, the price of power has done nothing but rise and it's showing no signs of stopping," Mr Mattsson said.

Mr Mattson grows 10 species variants on his property including Sunflowers as well as several Brassicas and many cane farmers want to switch towards renewables.

"We need much more support for renewable energy such as solar, we've already seen solar farms popping up on cane farms right across the country, it's the future for electricity generation in this country."

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