Two pedestrians were forced to run from a car that charged at them and their parked car at full speed in Melbourne's north.

Shocking footage recorded by another driver's dashcam at an Officeworks car park in Campbellfield showed a black Mazda hurtling towards a man and woman after one of them tried to open the car's passenger side door as it reversed away from them.

The Mazda driver can then be seen accelerating at the pair before crashing into their parked car, causing significant damage to both cars in the process.

The dashcam footage showed the black Mazda hit the parked car with such force that it launched the parked car over a cement divider that separated two parking spots. The intensity forced open the Mazda's door with contents flying out of the car.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Nikki Ladgrove said investigators spoke to a number of witnesses at the Jeffery Street car park before locating the driver, believed to be from Coburg, and car nearby.

"They spoke to a number of people at the scene who said one car had crashed into another and driven off," Ms Ladgrove said.

"They spoke to a 44-year-old man from Coburg," she said.

"He is expected to be charged with numerous traffic offences."

"Carpark out the front of officeworks/kmart in Campbellfield 3061. Approx 9:15pmm on Thursday 11/02/21 I have given the...

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Originally published as Car charges at pedestrians in Melbourne

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