Ipswich Courthouse.
Ipswich Courthouse. Rob Williams

Car fraud lands man suspended jail term

A MAN who took money to repair and sell cars to one person before reselling them to other buyers has been given a suspended jail term and ordered to pay back the $19,000 he took.

Anh Ngoc Nguyen, 32, pleaded guilty at the Ipswich District Court to two counts of fraud.

The court heard Nguyen advertised two cars, a Toyota Yaris and a Honda Civic, for sale on eBay. Both cars were damaged and needed repairs.

On December 28, 2011 he entered into an agreement with a man to repair the Yaris and sell it to him for $8000. He was to deliver the car to him in six weeks.

Nguyen took the money and then sold the car to another man for $3000 who took the car in its damaged state.

The first man then agreed to buy the Honda Civic from Nguyen for $11,000. Nguyen agreed to repair the vehicle and deliver it to the man in a month. Again Nguyen sold the vehicle to another person for $5500.

The court heard Nguyen worked as a panel beater and had intended to do up and sell the cars while he was unemployed.

The court heard he wasn't charged with the offences until June last year.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley told the court Nguyen had brought cheques to the value of $3000 to the court in order to pay back some of what he had taken.

Magistrate Donna McCallum said Nguyen had defrauded the man out of a "significant amount" of money.

"What's concerning here is the amount that's involved," she said.

"(This is) a fairly significant act of fraud on this person."

She ordered Nguyen pay $19,000 restitution and sentenced him to a 12 month prison sentence, wholly suspended for two years.

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