Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley
Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley Jenna Cairney

Carbon tax uncertainty

TOOWOOMBA has been dubbed the "biggest polluter" by Federal LNP Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott, and warned the city should brace for a massive carbon tax slap - so what about the Southern Downs?

Just an hour down the road, we're in a prime position for a flow-on effect, but Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley personally believes we should be safe.

"I can't positively comment on this but from the things I have heard, we should be alright," Cr Bartley said.

"Just looking at the way Toowoomba is situated, Warwick with a lesser population may be in a reasonable position as far as the carbon tax goes."

He said it appeared Toowoomba would be targeted for its landfills and the emissions it produced.

"We only have one landfill site in Warwick and the majority of the other stations here are transfer stations," Cr Bartley said.

He said given our population and the way our landfills were run we should not be in for too much of a tax hike.

Mr Scott said alongside the cost to landfill operations, the new tax would cost a minimum of $185 million state-wide.

"By increasing council costs, the carbon tax costs will mean either increases in council rates and charges or cuts to services," he said.

"These impacts are just the start as the carbon tax is legislated to go up and up."

He said with the tax, the risk of illegal dumping would increase considerably, with residents fearful of paying extra tip charges as the tips themselves boosted their prices to keep afloat.

"There is a clear difference between the Coalition and Labor on this issue - Julia Gillard has no mandate for the carbon tax and Tony Abbott will seek a mandate to scrap the carbon tax," Mr Scott said.

For more information about the carbon tax, pick up your June 30 edition of the Daily News for the full run-down about how it will affect you.

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