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Warwick Carols in the Park given mixed reviews

WARWICK'S Carols in the Park have been given a mixed review, with some claiming there were too many non-Christmas songs sung.

Sue Cook said it wasn't that good.

"The story telling went on for too long and they sang songs that weren't Christmas carols," she said.

Staish Naoum said her seven year-old daughter thought it was boring.

"I know organising events is a big job and it takes dedicated people but my 7 year old daughter thought it was boring and personally I thought there needed more up beat Christmas songs but once again this is just our view and maybe just something to think of," she said.

Steve Spencer was full of praise for the carols, giving it a big thumbs up.

"Great job by SDRC and associates for presenting an awesome night for the carols this year!

"Thumbs up to the organisers, presenters, vendors and the community of Southern Downs to support it."

Mr Spencer said it was great night full of opportunities for people to be entertained and crowd participation.

"Yes, there were a couple of songs that were performed that weren't "Christmas" at last minute but that was due to reasons beyond the organisers control," he said.

"All in all it was a good opportunity for the community to come together again and celebrate Christmas."

Sue Cook agreed.

"My husband and I enjoyed the night, yes it was different to years past and non Christmas songs were sung but it was still a great night," she said.

"Nothing wrong with change, so long as we don't loose the real reason for season.... the birth of our saviour."


What other readers said:

I really like it but a big no to non Christmas songs.

I hate it when the channel 7 carols on TV do the same.

- Jayne Shelley

I wouldn't have said an "amazing show".

It was nice and enjoyable but definitely wasn't the same as previous years.

I don't understand why they sung non-Christmas songs.

I must just be old fashioned I suppose.

- Cooper Jack

I agree I had grandkids with me and they got bored easy.

- Corrinne Clout

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