‘Catch you f****n later buddy’: Man mows down neighbour

A Hervey Bay neighbourhood dispute took a dangerous turn with a man was run down while crossing a road.

Steven John Rossely pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and failing to stop after hitting a man along Bideford St, Torquay on August 14 last year.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Kim Harwood said Rossely participated in a police interview the following day, admitting he knew the victim and had been involved in an escalating neighbourhood dispute over the past months.

In the interview he said the victim had thrown his bike at his car and made numerous verbal threats.

"He stated as drove along, he saw the victim and another person walking along the footpath … as he saw the victim run out he's thought 'f**k it' and accelerated towards the victim," Sergeant Harwood said.

"The defendant said at this point, he raised a hand out of the driver's side window and said 'catch you f****n later buddy' and continued driving."

Defence Lawyer Leon Casey said Rossely had been diagnosed with bipolar, suffered from anxiety and depression.

"Mr Rossely instructs me the victim had been continually tormenting himself and his family with abusive and threatening comments," Mr Casey said.

"It is clear from the police material the victim was initially the aggressor and foolishly placed himself in front of a moving vehicle."

Mr Casey said his client regretted hitting the victim and it was a moment of overwhelming emotion.

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge said if a person used a vehicle as a weapon it meant jail time for that person but the defence had raised an important mitigating factor.

He adjourned his decision to Friday morning.

Rossely was remanded in custody.

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