Christmas behind bars for repeat offender

A WARWICK man will spend Christmas in a jail cell, all because he wanted his father "to have something to open on Christmas Day".

Rhys Jamieson Hoynes was escorted by police into Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday, only minutes after his older brother pleaded guilty to drug charges.

The court heard the 22-year-old stole a drill and two tools from Bunnings on Wednesday morning.

Hoynes was arrested shortly after on Guy St, and taken to the watch house where he remained overnight.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey noted the Warwick man's three-page criminal history, labeling Hoynes "a persistent offender".

"It looks as though the gods have been smiling upon him, because he's not done time for any of these," Mr Manthey said, holding up Hoynes's criminal history.

"He just doesn't give a stuff."

Appearing stressed, Hoynes tried to interrupt Mr Manthey, who snapped back, telling him to take it up with his lawyer.

As they spoke, Mr Manthey continued to hand down his sentence.

"He's had numerous opportunities to change his ways," Mr Manthey said.

"But you're not coming home this Christmas."

He was sentenced to six months behind bars, and will be eligible for parole February 2.

He was also convicted and not further punished for driving on the Cunningham Hwy with meth in his system.

His brother also spent Wednesday night in the Warwick watch house.

The older of the two was forcibly strip searched when police noticed "a bulge" at the front of his pants Wednesday morning..

Liam Jamieson Hoynes was pulled over on Guy St, moments after he left Warwick Magistrates Court on a drug driving charge.

Police asked the 23-year-old to expose what was in his pants, at which point he told them "they did not have power to conduct a search on him".


He continued to refuse being searched, yelling "I don't feel comfortable" and was immediately cuffed and taken to the watch house.

Once there, he racked up three charges after failing to comply with police orders, and being found in possession of meth and a used meth pipe.

Unlike his brother, Liam avoided more time behind bars, and was fined $800.

Mr Manthey did not let him go without expressing his frustration at facing Hoynes for a second time in 24 hours."Now piss off," Mr Manthey said.

"And don't come back."

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