Clifton ready for extra students

CLIFTON State High School principal Joy Craig believes there will be enough desks to cater for the influx of students when the school takes on Year 7 two years ahead of the change to the state's high school education system.

The high school is one of 20 schools across the state to pilot the merger of Year 7 into the high school system, which will roll out in 2015.

Mrs Craig - who has been principal since the beginning of 2010 - said she was not worried about overwhelming resources when her school welcomes Year 7s in 2013.

"We're a small rural high school and a bit under the enrolment cap, so we're very well placed to take an additional year level," she said.

"Obviously there will be a need for more furniture but I'm not anticipating that to be a big issue."

Mrs Craig said there would be more staff put on when the pilot begins.

"(Education Queensland) has an allocative model for staffing which is already in place," she said.

"The number of teachers is sourced according to each school's enrolment figures. As you grow in numbers, you get more teachers."

Those growing numbers will come largely from Clifton State Primary School, where all Year 7 students in 2013 are expected to immediately start at the high school.

Mrs Craig said there were six or seven smaller primary schools in outer Clifton where parents had been invited to have their children take part in the pilot.

"We're in what's called Clifton cluster where there are several primary schools, but the main one is Clifton State Primary School," she said.

"The other feeder schools, depending on their numbers, their Year 7s will also come to the high school.

"Obviously if there are any students from the Catholic schools, well, it's invitational. It's not closed, so we would welcome them too."

Asked why Clifton High School was one of the chosen schools to pilot the change, Mrs Craig said it was to see how the change would work in a variety of locations.

"I think (Education Queensland) was trying to look at getting a broad spectrum across all pilot schools from different contexts," she said.

"The parents of cluster schools have ample opportunities to discuss concerns through their school's Parents and Citizens (P&C) and we've run a combined P&C open to cluster parents too."

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