Campbell Newman is firmly in Clive Palmer's firing line.
Campbell Newman is firmly in Clive Palmer's firing line. Brenda Strong

Campbell Newman stabbing Lady Justice in back: Palmer

CLIVE Palmer has stepped up his attack on Campbell Newman, accusing the Queensland Premier of trying to take the blindfold off "Lady Justice' and stab her in the back.

In his first press conference since being declared the new Member for Fairfax, Mr Palmer also criticised how long it had taken to get a result.

He called for the introduction of a computer-based voting system to rid the potential for delays and vote tampering.

"In this day and age, having a pencil seems extraordinary,'' Mr Palmer said.

But the billionaire particularly honed in on Mr Newman, saying his attack on the judiciary was appalling.

"It is a cowardly attack by the Premier and a cowardly attack by the Attorney General,'' he said.

Mr Palmer said Lady Justice was blindfolded for a reason - so she could not be influenced by the government of the day.

"What Cambpell Newman wants to do is to take the blindfold off Lady Justice and knife her in the back.''

Despite his falling out with the LNP, Mr Palmer said he was committed to working with local MPs on the Sunshine Coast.

He said Member for Maroochydore and Queensland Speaker Fiona Simpson had phoned him to congratulate him.

The former National Party MP had hosted a breakfast featuring Mr Palmer before he quit the LNP.

Mr Palmer pledged to lobby Palmer United Party Senator Glenn Lazarus for support for an international airport on the Sunshine Coast.

PUP will hold the balance of power in the Senate, though Mr Palmer said he was only 'one lonely MP' in the House of Representatives.

He made it clear he would not be spending all of his time in Canberra, saying that would not do the Sunshine Coast or Australia any good.

Mr Palmer responded to questions about conflicts of interest by pointing out that Tony Abbott had two daughters who could get pregnant - therefore he had a 'conflict' in pushing his paid parental leave scheme.

He said such thinking was silly, saying government was about allowing people from all walks of life to represent the people.

"There has never been a conflict of interest for me.''

Mr Palmer smiled for the media and even invited them all to dinner at his place.

No doubt, they will be feasting on Mr Palmer for some time to come.

MP Clive Palmer vows to go after Campbell Newman

CLIVE Palmer has vowed to table explosive claims against the Campbell Newman-led Queensland government after being elected to Parliament.

Mr Palmer told the ABC's 7.30 program on Thursday night that he had "a certain amount of evidence" against the Newman government.

"Goodbye, Campbell Newman - that's what I'm saying. Goodbye, Campbell Newman. Goodbye Campbell Newman,'' the headline-hunting billionaire said.

Mr Palmer has previously claimed that illegal payments were being made to corrupt Queensland Government ministers but he admits he does not have conclusive evidence.

He's made it very clear that a big part of his agenda in running for Canberra was to destroy Campbell Newman and the LNP in Queensland.

Mr Palmer was a lifetime member of the party but had a major falling out with its leadership.

He's condemned the government's decision to axe thousands of jobs as well as claiming industry lobbyists were running the LNP.

"I think Campbell Newman would only be doing the things he's doing to take distraction away from what he's really doing and that's what the people should be concerned about,'' Mr Palmer said.

"He's sacking public servants at the moment at an ever-increasing rate and he's destroying the Queensland economy and he needs to be held accountable for those things.

"He's fighting with the judiciary just to take the heat off what he's really doing, and certainly we'll have to point that out to the people of Australia when I get into Parliament."

Mr Palmer was asked about his own business interests, including his losses at the Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast.

"I keep people employed at a great subsidy 'cause I love the Sunshine Coast and I love spending my money to keep people employed in the greatest state in Australia,'' he said.

Staff numbers at the resort have gone from about 750 to 250 since Mr Palmer bought it, while occupancy levels have plummeted.

Asked by Leigh Sales how long he was prepared to sustain that loss, he said: "Well probably until I die."

Mr Palmer refused to go into details about his business finances, saying it was none of anyone's business.

"If you want to ask me about elected things or public things, that's fine, but why concentrate on my personal stuff? It's really none of your business,'' he told Sales.

Leigh Sales replied: "Because a publicly-elected official, unfortunately, your private affairs in part do become public affairs because they potentially pose a conflict of interest".

"Well that's just rubbish of course. As a member of Parliament, you don't have a conflict of interest, only if you're a minister. That's what the legal cases say. Members of Parliament are free to vote as they want on anything,'' Palmer replied.

The mining magnate said he did not believe any of his assets or company directorships posed a conflict of interest.

"So, you're confident that somebody with an extensive array of businesses, as you've outlined, 40 or 50 company directorships, a number of properties, that there's not a single conflict of duty with your - sorry, single conflict of interest now with your duty to act in the public interest, not in your private interest?,'' Sales asked.

"As I explained to you before, conflict of interest only comes in if you're a minister of the Crown. Now if Tony Abbott wants to appoint me a minister of something, if something comes up, I'll declare it. For 40 years, I've been a director of a company,'' Mr Palmer replied.

The billionaire said he didn't care what he was personally worth.

"It really doesn't matter. What really matters is our ideas. Governments may come and go, but ideas go on forever.

"That's what it's about: serving the community. Don't worry about money. It doesn't matter how much money you've got, it's the content of your character that matters. You should know that.''

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