Goomburra Valley coal mining fight firing up

PEOPLE power is still firing up in the Goomburra Valley, with a public meeting called for residents worried about potential coal drilling in the region.

The Southern Downs Protection Group invites residents of Goomburra and Allora to discuss "what is involved, why it matters and what we as a community can do to protect our land, water, businesses and lifestyles".

Meanwhile, APEC Coal responded to queries by the Daily News, saying drilling in the Goomburra Valley would provide "an economic boost" for the region.

As reported in the Daily News last Wednesday, the company has sent a letter to multiple residents in the Goomburra Valley.

The letter, which contains a tenement map, APEC Coal license documents, an EA Environmental Permit, a Land Access Code and a Notice of Entry, states the company's desire to start drilling on the Southern Downs.

While residents have already expressed their concerns about the potential ramifications if the drilling were to begin, a spokesman for APEC Coal said the drilling would be "a positive project" for the community.

"In the drilling phase we plan to use two-three local drillers and a field assistant," the spokesman said.

"While the drilling is taking place, the crews will reside in Allora or Warwick, spend in the local communities, use a local transport company and hire a local shed, therefore creating positive economic effects."

If the drilling was to go ahead in the second quarter of 2015, when it is slated to, it would not have negative environmental effects, the spokesman said.

"Our permit is not for coal seam gas or underground coal gasification," he said.

"Our permit is for coal exploration only, with the coal occurring at depths beyond open pit development.

"Goomburra has been chosen based on historical coal exploration that identified several coal seams beneath the basalt.

"Our planned drilling is the same drilling technique as a water bore, using biodegradable drilling fluids.

"On completion of the drilling, the hole is cemented from top to bottom and plugged with a concrete plug below the surface, meaning there are zero negative environmental effects."

The spokesman said a compensation agreement must be signed by both the company and landholder before drilling could commence, while drilling would "in no way have an effect on bore water".

"APEC Coal is a 100% subsidiary of currently unlisted company Kaili Resources Limited," the spokesman said.

"For any questions or comments please contact Kaili Resources at: Kaili Resources Limited, PO Box 20439, World Square NSW 2002."

Public meeting

Concerned residents are invited to a Coal Mine Information Meeting at 7pm at the Goomburra Hall on Wednesday night.

For further information, contact Sarah Moles on 4666 6125 or at

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