Coast mum poses the question parents are too scared to ask

A DESPERATE Sunshine Coast mother has pleaded to the community for guidance to deal with a nightmare neighbour who is bullying her children and destroying her property.

The mother - who wishes to remain anonymous - penned a letter to a Facebook community group asking for advice.

Her son is only eight years old and is now afraid to play with the neighbours child, who is of similar age.

If she tried to send the child home, she is met with attitude or yelled at.

She believes the situation has reached crisis point. It is so bad she is considering leaving her home.

"I have this neighbour's child who comes around and is rude to my husband and myself, and even my friends when they come over," the mother wrote.

"If I ask him to go home, all we get is, 'you can't tell me what to do' and then proceeds to continue to be a little sh*t.

"So far he's ruined my two screen doors, scratched our wooden floors and almost ruined my daughter's trampoline that she's only just got.

"He hits my daughter and then goes home and lies to his parents that she hit him. I've tried to talk to his parents but they don't listen. I've asked him to go home but he'll just tell me I can't tell him what to do.

"At one stage he yelled at me in front of my friends and then went home and lied to his parents that I yelled at him. He said my daughter, who wasn't even home, hit him.

"My son, who is the neighbour's child's age, actually stands there in shock as this child is rude to all adults as he stands there picked at the hole he made in the screen door.

"My son never goes to his house to get him, it is always this child who asked to play. He's a bad influence that even my eight-year-old sees as rude. It is getting to the point that we now go away every afternoon so he won't come over. We've tried talking but the neighbours don't acknowledge anything.

"Now this child calls his mum a f***ing C all the time but they still think of him as this perfect child. It is making my life so bad we are considering moving even though we love where we live.

"If I bother to clean during the day, that afternoon he will just trek mud in the house, every afternoon something will be ruined, my daughter will be either hit or yelled at and if any adult tries to send him home they will just get, 'you can't tell me what to do'.

"Now my son doesn't even like playing with him and has actually admitted he doesn't like this child because he is mean.

"My adult friends don't come here because of this child. I have had enough.

"My daughter stresses every time he comes round and I don't know what to do.

"Please help." 

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