NRL CEO Todd Greenberg.

Columnist has suggestion for how to handle bad boys of NRL

THIS week there is more publicity about some naughty NRL players.

The suspension bit doesn't seem to be working that well.

Given there is a grog factor in three-quarters of the incidents, what about fining a player $20,000 and getting them to sign an agreement they won't drink alcohol for the next one or two years.

My suggestion is, sign up to a grog ban to have your sentence suspended and agree to regular random blood alcohol and drug testing.

If they don't sign up to the grog ban, they serve the suspension. If they test positive again, their suspended sentence should be doubled and stop them from playing.

Part of the problem is banning a player means he has even more time on his hands.

While advocating a suspension get-out clause, I add there will be times a player has to be suspended on more serious issues.

A positive test while driving cost Greg Inglis the Australian captaincy, a tough call when he was just over what was the former legal limit of .08.

Memorial teams

EXCITEMENT is building towards the Australia Day Cricket Carnival in nine days' time.

The number of teams is up three and good to see family and friends of Ross Henderson and Basil Nolan are forming two new memorial teams.

Next week's carnival won't be easy for the members of each family.

There will also be a second team from Goomeri at the carnival, the social players.

Friends from all over Queensland and even some from interstate and possibly New Zealand will be in town for the carnival.

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