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Community group started for Southern Downs ratepayers

A NEW community group has been formed as a response to a "lack of community consultation from the Southern Downs Regional Council", amongst other concerns.

Organiser Andrew Gale said while the Southern Downs Residents Action Group was only in early stages, the already large group was aimed at assisting members of the community who felt out of their depth dealing with the council.

"There are a lot of people who have expressed interest in this group who are very experienced in bureaucracy and due process," he explained.

"We want to advocate for and help other members of the community who might not fully understand council procedures.

"We don't want them giving up on their issues or concerns just because it's too hard."

Mr Gale said the group would initially focus on the northern part of the region.

"However, we'd be happy to include anyone from the area," he said.

"Even people with an interest in the region who live outside it are welcome to come along and share their thoughts..

"I've made contact with people in Allora, Pratten, Yangan and Killarney, as well as Warwick."

Mr Gale hoped the group would be able to work closely with councillors, and said he would be extending an invitation to them to come along to meetings.

"What we're most of all concerned about is our lack of access to our elected representatives," he said.

"Sure, people can complain on Facebook, but we want to do something that is a little bit more formalised so we can have frank discussions and ideas."

The date of the first meeting has yet to be set, however all in the region are encouraged to keep up with the group through their soon to be formed Facebook page.

"It would be a something where we meet once a month," Mr Gale said.

"We're going to have a Facebook page where anybody is welcome to post a concern.

"We're prepared to meet via electronic means, not necessarily face to face, but we'll certainly have traditional types of meetings."

If you are interested in joining the Southern Downs Residents Action group, phone Andrew on

0420 589 358.

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