Community is determined to see Eight Mile made safer...

LOCAL people have had enough of the tragedies and are determined something must happen to make the notorious Eight Mile intersection safer.

Vice chairman of the Warwick and District Community Road Safety group David Kemp said he was overwhelmed by the support from the community.

"It's something that we are going to keep fighting for," Mr Kemp said.

"People are dropping in and seeing me offering their support.

"This is an issue everyone is talking about and everyone wants something done before we lose another life."

Mr Kemp said while it seemed everyone had come to the conclusion one of the main problems with the intersection was human error; something had to be changed to compensate for it.

"It's scary to think people are still driving straight through the stop sign," he said.

"Whenever I hear sirens in town I feel sick thinking someone else has been killed out there.

"We all know the intersection is confusing and there are simple things that could be done to make it safer."

Mr Kemp suggested a flashing sign preparing people to stop on the northern approach to the stop sign, like the one in Wallace St.

"Like has already been suggested, rumble strips would work well too," Mr Kemp said.

"I think one of the most effective things would be to put painted direction arrows on the road.

"People who don't know the intersection get confused which way the traffic is travelling."

Mr Kemp recommended directional arrows in the Warwick to Brisbane lane as well as arrows up the hill from Allora to Warwick. These measures could be put in place at minimal cost, he said.

"We can't wait until 2016 for an overpass," Mr Kemp said.

"We need something done now, within coming weeks.

"Action must be taken before another life is lost."

Meanwhile, police are hoping to speak to the driver of a red vehicle, about the fatal crash at the Eight Mile last week.

It was believed the car travelled through the intersection around the time of the accident.

A police media spokeswoman said the make and model of the car of interest were unknown, but it was a red sedan.

Police are encouraging anyone with information to phone the Warwick station on 4660 4444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Alternatively, people could visit, 24 hours a day.

Warwick and District Community Road Safety group members will meet next week with a Main Roads representative at their monthly meeting to continue the fight.

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