Police are searching cars at the border checkpoint. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)
Police are searching cars at the border checkpoint. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

Concerns raised over southerners crossing border illegally

As of today 22/07, we have some 185 southerners who have got across the border and disappeared. 

Now the race is on to find them in case any are infected. So it is up to us, despite this, to be extra cautious and obey all rules.

Always social distance, stay home if you are unwell, probably try to get tested to be sure. If someone crowds you, simply move away a bit. 

Wash your hands often and well, sanitise all the time, especially in shops etc, and don't casually shake hands.

We see from Victoria and NSW just how easily it gets out of control and we just don't need another lock down.

It's better to play safe than to be sorry later.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba

Thank you

HAVING recently had two stays in St Luke's ward at St Vincent's Private Hospital, I would like to thank those wonderful people on the incredibly dedicated teams who all went out their way to diagnose, repair and nurse me through my ordeal.

A special heartfelt thank you and salute for the care and attention provided by the nurses.


LNP infighting

LNP in-house fighting so close to the election with news of the dumping of Lawrence Springborg from the LNP executive is a matter "for behind closed doors", opposition leader Deb Frecklington says. 

Ms Frecklington stumbled over her words on Monday, July 20, as she refused to say when she found out the party founder had been dropped as a party trustee and wouldn't respond to suggestions he was dumped because of his support for her.

There is nothing this leader won't do or say as long as it promotes her interests.

 Another page from the Campbell Newman how-to-run Queensland archives. All Queenslanders are lucky she is not running the state during these trying times. 


Cold weather

I DO not know how Queenslanders would survive Orange or Ballarat where the temperates were a minimum one degrees and maximum six degrees on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. In Ballarat, there was also a southerly wind with a -20.c chill factor.

Oh well, there is Mt Wellington in Tasmania which went to -20.c.

You need to come to Orange or Ballarat next winter. At least they have real man's football, AFL. Go Collingwood.


Radical acceptance

NEW buzzwords are entering the lexicon daily, it seems. We are told to be "coronavirus ready" by "self-isolating".

Do everything you can to avoid catching the affliction, but if you do there are only two ways you can go, for your mental and physical health.

The first way is to enter into despair and depression, depending on the severity of your illness. The better way was illustrated by a young Australian woman, residing in London and who was interviewed by the BBC.

She flew home for a wedding (not hers) only to be diagnosed with coronavirus when she landed in Sydney. This young lady knew to self-isolate and then with commendable forbearance entered into the ultimate attitude for her situation.

She called this, "radical acceptance".

 Being young, she may have had a milder form of incapacity. The older ones of those among us do not have the reassurance that the path will be so easy. Radical acceptance sounds a bit like a religious conversion, doesn't it?

The Puritans in 1640s America had a saying: "Keep short accounts with God and men." In view of the present distress, it is time to call on a Power greater than our own to keep us safe.


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