Council did a temporary repair to the pipe back in March.
Council did a temporary repair to the pipe back in March.

Consultants to repair sewage pipe

THE LEAKY sewage pipe under the Condamine, which was temporarily repaired in March, has not yet been fully repaired.

Council said preliminary preparatory works have been done but it is now waiting on the specialist consultants to bring the pipe and be available for installation.

A spokeswoman said there was no estimated arrival time on it yet.

The pipe caused concern earlier this year as the discovery of the leak coincided with a massive fish kill.

However, council said the two were unrelated and the pipe primarily lost just air.

In other council news, there are a number of action-packed agendas at this month’s round of committee meetings taking place today and tomorrow.

Budget grabbers

IT’S GETTING close to budget time again and in this month’s round of committee meetings, the various departments will put forward some of their wish lists for council’s consideration.

Capital works projects are listed to be considered in the next budget.

A review of next year’s fees and charges will also be put forward for discussion and possibly adopted next week.

Comings and goings

OF INTEREST in council’s Corporate Services committee meeting will be the human resource departments report on council employment.

Keeping in mind a three-year moratorium on sackings ended earlier in this year, CEO Rod Ferguson has previously said there would be no compulsory redundancies but there may be losses through natural attrition.

It seems the workforce has been safe for now, with extra bodies coming on board due to new State Government legislation and an increase in casual work due to the flood recovery.

Of interest is that the Deputy Director of Engineering position previously held by Chris Loveday in the south of the region is now advertised as a Parks & Projects Manager position.

Council is still hunting for a replacement for Finance Manager Gillian Buganey.

It’s looking for a mammoth 12 flood relief labourers.

There have been eight employment terminations in the first quarter of the year. Five obtained other jobs; there have been two retirements and one who went to university.

Killarney Pool for lease

AFTER a difficult summer for all the region’s outdoor pools, Killarney Pool’s lease is available and will soon be advertised.

The pool was flooded twice and according to a report that will go before council at this week’s Community Services committee meeting, the pools in Stanthorpe, Allora and Killarney have closed and all lessees reported lower swimming numbers due to the extended wet period.

With the Stanthorpe Pool now closed for winter, works on the replacement grandstand are planned to start in May.

Funds were provided in Round two of the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program (RLCIP).

Walk this way

THE SOUTHERN Downs will have 14 out of the top 30 walking trails for south-east Queensland, with seven in the Warwick area and seven in the Granite Belt.

According to an Economic Development report, the unit is involved in a new marketing campaign for walking trails across Australia.

A new website and smart phone application is being developed and will be market-ready in June.

Apple protest gone

THE BIG paint job on the Big Apple should finish up this week, if the sun can sneak out from behind the clouds for long enough.

The finishing touches will be put on by Rob Simcock, the man responsible for painting “ban NZ apples” on the apple two weeks ago.

A spokeswoman for Southern Downs Regional Council said Mr Simcock was not formally reprimanded for the artistic protest and no further action would be taken against him.

Have a say on sculpture

THE SURVEY to get opinions on a proposed equestrian sculpture for Warwick closes next week (April 27, 2011).

Several hundred people have so far had their say on where the giant sculpture should be located and whether it would be an asset to the community which council should maintain. The 15 metre high sculpture, brainchild of local artist John Simpson, is designed to pay homage to Warwick’s equestrian community past and present.

You can go online to to provide your feedback on the proposal or pick up a printed copy of the survey at Warwick Library or council’s Warwick customer service desk.

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