DISQUALIFIED AGAIN: Harley Noel Irvine-Bohringer. Picture: Facebook
DISQUALIFIED AGAIN: Harley Noel Irvine-Bohringer. Picture: Facebook

Convicted drink-driver and hoon in court again

A CONVICTED drink-driver and hoon has been caught behind the wheel despite having a disqualified licence, prompting a stern warning from a magistrate.

Harley Noel Irvine-Bohringer, 24, faced Gayndah Magistrates Court earlier this month, charged with driving on a court-ordered disqualification.

The court heard that on February 9, 2020, the defendant was observed driving by an off-duty police officer, about 4.10pm on Mundubbera Durong Rd.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai told the court that checks conducted at the Mundubbera Police Station revealed Irvine-Bohringer had an 18-month driving disqualification.

This court-ordered disqualification stems back to August 23, 2019, when Irvine-Bohringer was convicted of driving under the influence of liquor, making unnecessary noise and smoke with his vehicle, and failing to comply with the conditions of his learner licence.

Criminal lawyer Morgan Harris represented the defendant, and told the court Irvine-Bohringer had been working as a station hand on a cattle property at the time.

He said his client deemed it necessary to drive his vehicle to a friend's place in order to visit a pharmacy to buy anxiety medication.

Mr Harris said the defendant's boss had also left the property that day, which meant Irvine-Bohringer was alone on the property.

Magistrate Terry Duroux said the 24-year-old's traffic history was somewhat concerning for a "young bloke", who was previously dealt with by the court in 2019.

"It seems to me that there was a hoon-related offence at that time," Mr Duroux said.

"There was also a not driving under the direction of an open licenced driver (charge)."

He went on to tell the court that this previous disqualification was for 18 months.

"On February 9 you drove a motor vehicle sir, and I accept there was a lot going on at that time with flood issues, food issues, and health issues," he said.

"You were driving to a friend to get a lift into town, but you were observed by an off-duty police officer.

"The fact of the matter is sir, you were not permitted to drive a motor vehicle."

Mr Duroux also cited a previous drink-driving offence committed in Macksville, NSW in 2015, which resulted in him losing his licence for 12 months.

Irvine-Bohringer pleaded guilty, and was fined $1000, and disqualified for driving for two years, on top of his previous disqualification.

"Don't drive a motor vehicle until you're able to, and I believe that is on February 22, 2023," Mr Duroux said.

"Whatever you do sir, do not drive again,

"If you do drive again the maximum penalty is 18 months' imprisonment, and I may very well jail you."

Convictions were recorded.

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