Council approves club funding

SOUTHERN Downs Regional councillors yesterday moved to provide $5700 funding to repair the Stanthorpe Rugby League clubhouse roof.

They made the decision at the general meeting, which was held in Stanthorpe, after deferring the matter from the Community Services Committee meeting.

Community Services director Tony Minuti said at the general meeting he had been advised that, despite council owning the clubhouse, there was no legal obligation to undertake any structural improvements as this was the responsibility of the lessee, the rugby league club.

The funding is to repair the leaking roof on the clubhouse, which is as a result of the tin rusting.

Cr Vic Pennisi said the club was happy to undertake any extra repairs, should it find more damages in the roof.

“If it goes over the budgeted amount ($5700), they're happy to wear that cost,” he said during the general meeting.

Cr Pennisi moved in line with the recommendation to provide the funding, on the basis the rugby league club provide the labour, and Cr Cameron Gow seconded the motion.

The decision means several planned improvements to the clubhouse can now go ahead without further damage from the leaking roof, Stanthorpe Rugby League president Peter Shatte said.

“We already have new carpet ready to be laid and several other planned improvements, but there was little point in making upgrades while the roof was still leaking,” Mr Shatte said.

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