LETTER: Being on council 'no walk in the park'

IT SADDENS me to see how our fair shire has been dragged down by some dubious efforts to nobble our election.

I refer to the way that a particular clique in Warwick is manipulating certain candidates in order to have their wishes carried out after the election.

These people are not game to run for council themselves but think it ok to coerce another person to do their bidding for them.

I was always of the belief that if you wished to run for council, while you may have the support of family and close friends, you nominate yourself and then you promote yourself by meeting as many people as possible at many of the events held in this electorate to find out the needs of those people.

I'm sure that most of the candidates this time would agree with me as they are doing just that.

That is why it is most unfair for a couple of candidates to have a team of faceless people using methods, both fair and foul, to obtain a win.

I'm sure the voters of the Southern Downs will be aware of what is going on and will act accordingly.

I would also like to point out that being on council is no "walk in the park".

It is a very complex job and to withstand the rigours of the tasks, one needs to have a lot of stamina but also one needs to have experience and knowledge of the laws and high demands that are placed on council.

While all organisations need new blood, the newcomers need to start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way upwards.

We need to find a good balance of old and new in order to have continuity of service. Please make your choices with care.

Pat Mapes,


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