Country dad accused of bizarre penis flash in the city

A LOCKYER Valley dad accused of stalking and flashing his penis at a young woman walking back to a hotel near Brisbane's nightclub district, has been refused bail.

Andrew Paul Boyle's failed bid for bail was heard in Ipswich Magistrates Court late on Friday afternoon.

The court heard a woman claimed Boyle exposed his penis to her and asked she give it a score.

Boyle, 39, from Gatton, is charged with unlawful stalking of the woman in Fortitude Valley, February 15; and committing an indecent act in public on St Paul's Terrace, Fortitude Valley.

He is also charged with unrelated offences, which allegedly took place at Laidley in November last year, and possession of dangerous drugs and utensils on February 17.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Bridie O'Shea said police opposed bail on the grounds that Boyle poses an unacceptable risk.

She said the allegations were serious and Boyle had previous convictions in 2015 for similar conduct.

Snr. Cons. O'Shea said in those offences Boyle exposed his penis to a woman in a car when she was stopped in Brisbane city traffic and began masturbating.

In another offence he followed a female in a supermarket, showed his penis, lowered his pants and began masturbating.

In the new charges before court, police allege he was in his car when he began slowly following women who were not known to him around 2am on Monday.

He is alleged to have shown one his penis and asked her for a comment.

His lawyer Kathryn Starkey said Boyle was unemployed, separated from his former partner, and the full-time carer of his elderly father.

Ms Starkey conceded Boyle had convictions for like offending but had no reason not to comply with any bail conditions.

The court heard Boyle had refused to see a court mental health professional for assessment but that nothing of concern was noted while he was held in custody at the watch-house.

After reading the police statement, magistrate Dennis Kinsella queried that there was also an allegation of pictures of young girls being found on Boyle's phone.

Snr. Cons. O'Shea said the images were part of an ongoing investigation.

Mr Kinsella said Boyle had relevant convictions imposed by the Brisbane Magistrates Court in February 2015 that involved a course of conduct over two days that related to two different women who were strangers to him.

"He stalked them and exposed his member to them," Mr Kinsella said.

"He showed them pictures of a penis which is disconcerting in light of the new allegations."

Mr Kinsella said police were alleging two women aged in their 20s were walking to their hotel after a night out in Fortitude Valley when Boyle approached them in his car.

It was alleged by one woman he exposed then removed his semi-erect penis from his shorts - "and asked her to do him a favour and to rate his penis".

"It seems that his alleged conduct was somewhat persistent," Mr Kinsella said.

After taking into account the police material before the court Mr Kinsella said there was an absence of any explanation for what was alleged.

Finding there was some risk, he refused him bail.

Boyle's case will return to court on March 19.

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