Court appearance for former ALP candidate

DISGRACED former Labor candidate Peter Watson was yesterday ordered into an involuntary psychiatric assessment, following allegations he assaulted Warwick police officers on Tuesday.

Watson, who was expelled from the Labor Party last year after he posted a homophobic rant online, appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon.

The court heard the two officers attended Watson's Warwick home earlier this week in relation to allegations he had posted threats against a female police officer on Facebook.

Sergeant Ken Wiggan told the court that while speaking to police, Watson clenched his fists and despite several warnings to the contrary, swung at an officer and struck him in the face.

It is further alleged a second police officer was injured during an ensuing scuffle.

A mental health nurse appeared during the court proceedings and told Magistrate Graham Lee an initial mental health assessment had shown Watson needed further assessment.

The nurse told Mr Lee the assessment showed Watson was either a danger to himself or others.

The court heard Watson, who is now a member of the Australia First Party, was to be taken to a psychiatric facility in Toowoomba to determine if further treatment or medication was required.

If no further treatment is ordered, the 20-year-old will be released back into the community after a bail application made on his behalf was successful.

Sgt Wiggan had earlier asked Mr Lee to keep Watson behind bars, out of fear he may enact his threats against the female police officer.

"From a police view, we're concerned about his ability to carry out any threats he makes," he said.

"He has a terrible history of doing strange, bizarre things and we are concerned he is going to continue to make threats on Facebook or take further steps to carry out the threats."

Watson was ordered to abstain from using any social media while on bail and was quick to ask his lawyer if that included using the website YouTube.

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