COURT: Man tasered twice at supermarket by police

A MAN who allegedly terrorised customers and staff at a Tiaro supermarket after jumping on a counter and picking up a pair of scissors has been denied bail in Maryborough Magistrates Court.

Joshua Blatch, 24, who was tasered twice by police during the incident on Saturday morning, was quiet and subdued during yesterday's court appearance.

Earlier in the day, a mate who was with Blatch during the incident had faced court charged with serious assault of police and three charges of obstructing police.

Cameron Raymond Smith, 39, did not apply for bail and his case was adjourned.

Blatch, charged with going armed to cause fear and three counts of assaulting police, was represented by defence lawyer Natasha Schumacher, who instructed her client wanted to make an application for bail.

The court heard that Blatch had entered the supermarket and armed himself with a pair of scissors, alarming those inside the store.

He then allegedly left the store and started walking along the highway, where police tried to detain him.

An alleged struggle ensued, which resulted in Blatch being tasered by police.

Ms Schumacher said her client had an 18-month-old child and was employed as a landscaper.

She said he was staying with his mother and had no previous failures to appear on his criminal history.

Magistrate Graham Hillan said Blatch had previously been involved in violent offending.

He said despite the fact that Blatch was living with his mother, he currently had charges before the court from incidents in Beenleigh, Brisbane, Tiaro, Maryborough and Sunnybank Hills.

Mr Hillan said Blatch was an unacceptable risk of failing to appear or reoffending while on bail.

Bail was refused and the matter was adjourned until July 4.

A message was posted to the wall of Tiaro Foodwork's Facebook page, saying the welfare of staff and customers was the main priority during the incident.

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