Crim's court outburst after bail refused

IN a brief temper outburst, Mitchell Harnwell yelled an obscenity from the dock of an Ipswich court when the magistrate told him he wouldn't be getting bail.

Harnwell, who already faces charges of unlawful use of motor vehicles, is also accused of driving away from police in a stolen car with two tyres deflated by stingers while he was high on the drug GHB.

The prisoner was clearly not happy at the outcome of his unsuccessful bail application, but did give a brief wave through the security glass to a friend seated in the back of the courtroom.

Mitchell Thomas Harnwell, 23, from Redbank Plains, appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court charged with driving under the influence at Collingwood Park on October 6; an evasion offence; driving while his licence was SPER suspended; and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Police prosecutor Constable Emma Ross opposed bail, citing Harnwell's criminal history and convictions for drug offences.

Cnst Ross said Harnwell had a previous conviction for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and was an unacceptable risk.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said Harnwell's court file showed three previous charges of unlawful use of motor vehicles.

Ms MacCallum said the Polair chopper had been involved in the recent alleged offences against Harnwell.

The car involved in the pursuit had been tracked by police from the air at 11.30pm on October 6.

From police facts before the magistrate, stingers had been deployed and deflated two tyres but the driver continued along the Ipswich Motorway before taking the exit onto Collingwood Drive, eventually stopping the car with its damaged wheels on Neumann Drive.

Police will allege Harnwell had been driving under the influence, had slurred speech, was at times incoherent, and appeared dishevelled.

"He was taken to hospital for a blood test and at the time he admits using the dangerous drug GHB," Ms MacCallum said.

Harwell's matters will be mentioned again on October 31.

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