VIOLENT DRUNK: Ashleigh Kate Edwards injured multiple police during her vodka fuelled rampage.
VIOLENT DRUNK: Ashleigh Kate Edwards injured multiple police during her vodka fuelled rampage. Contributed

CQ mother goes on a drunken rampage against police

A ROCKHAMPTON mother's vodka binge unleashed a violent streak resulting in poor choices, multiple injured police officers and a long string of charges.

In the sober light of day, standing downcast in the dock of the Rockhampton Magistrates Court, staring down the barrel of a stint in prison, Ashleigh Kate Edwards, 26, grappled with the full gravity of her violent actions.

She said the words "guilty your honour" 14 times as Magistrate Jeff Clarke read the charges which included single counts of driving without due care, driving a vehicle in reverse when not safe to do so, failure to provide a specimen for a breath test, driving unsupervised with a learners permit, driving without L plates displayed, obstructing a police officer in performance of duties, wilful damage (domestic violence offence), wilful damage of police property, serious assault of police officer by spitting, two counts of serious assault of police officer and three counts of assaulting a police officer.

Police prosecutor Shane Studdert said Edwards' law breaking started on July 9, after a verbal argument between her and partner turned into a physical altercation.

Edwards (pictured) subsequently crashed her Suzuki Swift into the man's Nissan Navara, which was parked on the side of Denison St, before fleeing the area.

The next day Ms Edwards started binge drinking vodka at midday before loading her 5-year-old daughter in the car to drink drive to her estranged partner's Pamela Ct property in Gracemere to smear faeces on his fly screen and back door.

When he arrived home to find her in his driveway, he asked her to leave, which she did, reversing her car into his parked vehicle before leaving the scene again.

Police intercepted Edwards on Ranger St, Gracemere for a licence check and breath test, she told them she only had her learners, there was no one supervising her driving and she wasn't displaying her L plates.

After she refused the breath test and was ordered to get the police vehicle, Edwards slapped the police officer to the head, was handcuffed and loaded into the police car.

Inside the vehicle, she started kicking the door and ripped out the seat head rest and attempted to smash and scratch the window.

Edwards kicked one officer in the groin and leg and another in the leg before damaging another police officer's glasses, knocking them off in the process of being transferred into a police caged vehicle.

During questioning at the station, Edwards refused to provide a breath specimen before attempting to spit at one of the officers but fortunately it was caught in the hair covering her face.

Concerned for her welfare, police took Edwards to the hospital where she was sedated.

After coming to, she attempted to escape her bed before kicking another police officer in the head when they attempted to restrain her.

Defence barrister Grant Cagney said his client's offending was linked to the initial incident involving her partner and after her protracted vodka drinking session, she had a "complete brainsnap" and was now "rather embarrassed and remorseful".

He said the spitting shouldn't be regarded as harshly as it didn't find its target.

The Magistrate Clarke described her behaviour as "irrational, violent and disgraceful" but said her remorse, lack of criminal history, age, family support, early plea and full cooperation convinced him to use discretion in sentencing.

He sentenced her to nine months jail, released on parole with two years probation, with a $450 fine and an 18 month driving disqualification.

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