Spoil dad with a great Aussie BBQ.
Spoil dad with a great Aussie BBQ.

Crank up the BBQ for Father's Day

BARBECUES are the cornerstone of outdoor eating, sizzling snags are an Aussie institution, and what better way to celebrate dad's special day than a barbie under the sun.

The word “barbecue” represents a smell that is so intoxicating. One feint whiff of the neighbour’s sizzling food and you could well find yourself vaulting the fence and in their backyard. It’s a smell that epitomises an Aussie Father's Day with the added bonus of making your mouth water. When that evocative smell starts drifting through the air, you know there are good times to be had.

Sunshine Coast's Cedar Creek Farm’s Peter and Shauna Wolfe shared a few BBQ ideas that take inspiration from age old native Australian ingredients and produce. From the best in bush meat to native herbs and spices, here are a few tips on hosting the greatest Father's Day barbecue ever seen your side of the fence.

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BBQ Tips

When you’re barbecuing native meats, always cook it rare on a very hot barbecue and leave it to rest before eating. This also applies to other red meat such as beef and lamb. Meat tenses up when it’s heated so leaving it to rest enables it to relax and regain tenderness and it also continues to cook as it rests.

Take meat out of the fridge before cooking so it can get up to room temperature before you cook it. Refrigeration also makes meat tense up, and you want it to be relaxed before it hits the grill.

If you’re going along to a public BBQ, take along some insect repellent and plenty of bags so you can throw away your rubbish and keep the area tidy.

BBQ eating is always messy – always ensure there’s a good supply of paper towels for people to dig into as they go along.

A few tasty condiments

To liven up your tucker and make it a little more bush perhaps try one of these Cedar Creek Farm condiments that use native Australian ingredients.

Mountain Pepper Relish - an old fashioned tomato relish with the added flavour and spice of Tasmanian mountain pepperberries. The ideal accompaniment to any barbecued meat.

Paperbark Smoked Chilli Sauce - a medium heat chilli sauce based on tomatoes which we smoke using paperbark rather than woodchips. Has a full smoky flavour which perfectly compliments barbecued meats and particularly prawns.

Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Macadamia Oil - a local cold pressed extra virgin macadamia oil with an infusion of our homegrown kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. Great as a flavouring oil or for use on salads. Brush chicken or fish fillets with the oil before barbecuing.

Bush Salad Dressing - rosella vinegar combined with macadamia oil infused with lemon myrtle, Tasmanian mountain pepperberries and a little garlic.

There’s always someone at a BBQ who takes charge of the tongs and makes the meat do its dance. So to the meat lovers out there, we say why not try something different at your next BBQ? Take a look at these fantastic, simple recipes that will make you barbie sizzle.

Tasty BBQ recipes:

Send us your recipes.

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