TRUE LARRIKIN: Warwick Hotel Colts captain Shaun O'Leary.
TRUE LARRIKIN: Warwick Hotel Colts captain Shaun O'Leary. Gerard Walsh

LAUGH A MINUTE: Our seven favourite local cricket larrikins

CRICKET: Every cricket team has a player who could be called a larrikin.

Better still, ask teams which of their players is like Warwick Hotel Colts captain Shaun "Robbo" O'Leary.

While sledging has not been a major problem in Warwick cricket, a few players are more likely to have a chat than others.

It might even be banter in the field that a ball went close to the edge of the bats, banter it is hoped the batsman will hear.

Our larrikins

Maryvale: Dave Walker

He has been dobbed in by his peers as their larrikin.

Club all-rounder Kevin Bourke said his team didn't really have a Robbo but said Walker was always pretty loud on the field.

He keeps the younger players on their toes.

Has been known to say to a batsman that "I bet you wish you could have that shot again".

Redbacks: Andrew Politch

A player full of energy who is always running and jumping around.

He knows a lot of people around town and can have a bit to say on the field.

Politch can even chat to a batsman about where the sun is.

He shows poultry and gets upset if anyone calls them chickens, a good way to get him off his game. They are chooks for short according to Politch.

Warwick Hotel Colts: Shaun "Robbo" O'Leary

The cheeky one in Warwick cricket and everyone's friend.

Short in stature, he got his nickname from Robbo the jockey who was on the Channel 9 NRL Footy Show more than a decade ago.

Doesn't know how to keep quiet on the field but does gee up his bowlers.

The referees and photographers also hear from O'Leary in front of the bar when the Warwick Cowboys have a home rugby league game.

Wheatvale: Jonno Colfs

The bearded one, the W.G. Grace of Warwick cricket.

Colfs and Chris Malone are the ones who have the most to say in the dressing room.

On the field, Colfs is one of the chatters who encourages the bowling.

Team veteran Chris Cantwell said Colfs would bat at No.5 or No.6 "but his bowling is pretty ordinary so he won't be doing much bowling".

Allora: Stewart Henderson

The premiers in Warwick reserve-grade last season have nominated Henderson as one of the characters in the team.

He is involved in a bit of chat on the field.

Everyone in the Allora team and many of their opponents like to be around Henderson, who is one the best liked players in Condamine Cup cricket.

Victoria Hill: Ben Duff

One of the sons of former Queensland Country batsman Malcolm Duff.

At age 19, he is getting serious about his career with his father's old club, Victoria Hill.

He always has something to say.

Anyone from Victoria Hill who drops a catch will be reminded of it by Duff.

His teammates will make sure the same happens if he drops a catch.

He is one of the more likely Victoria Hill player to have a chat to a batsman.

Sovereign Animals: Mitchell Hay

An excellent fieldsman who chats a fair bit between balls when in the field.

The batsman can sometimes hear about their weaknesses on the field from the Sovereign boys, led by Hay.

If they were giving out prizes for the keenest club in Australian cricket, the Animals could rate a mention.

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