Cunning DIY strategy seduces the wives and works every time

IT MAY amaze many of my readers that I am absolutely useless with tools, so when a great event like the rodeo is coming up, the first blokes on the invite list are my tradie mates' wives.

The promise of a good weekend for the kids on the motorbikes, animals for the kids to play with and plenty of cans down at the event always gets the girls keen for a trip.

My mates on the other hand know all too well what's on the cards, building and repairing-wise and without being pushed by their brides, would avoid my joint like the plague.

This year's victim - "140" because that's how many kilos he weighed when playing front row in the under 18s, and "Paddles" because he's a long-haired ginger and looks like the paddle pop lion - knew what was on the cards, even rocking up with their tool boxes.

While the girls enjoyed a few wines on the veranda on Saturday afternoon we (and I use the word "we" very liberally) managed to get some new yards erected and all the lambs marked on Saturday.

Of course we were all sporting hangovers that would make the Bundy polar bear proud.

Then we all headed back to the rodeo, and I, knowing that I needed the girls onside, volunteered to take my kids on the rides so the girls could head down to the bar.

In reality this forced the other guys and their kids to accompany me and mine, to get comprehensively robbed by the carnies.

After spending about a hundred dollars on jumping castles, new hats and Shannon's chips, my good old mates were about ready to kill me so we headed home to get on the cans.

So, all in all, we had a fairly good weekend even after the working bee and, more importantly, my mates' wives can't wait to come back next year.

All I need to do now is decide whether I want some help with an extension on the house or maybe just put in a new pool?

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