FOR generations Kings Theatre has entertained Warwick residents.

From its humble beginnings as a picture theatre to the many names that have graced its stages, Kings has become an icon for entertainment in the Rose City.

More than 150 people laughed and reminisced at the Theatre on Saturday night when Kings reopened to the public after undergoing a long-awaited facelift.

Warwick RSL Memorial Club patron Ron Bellingham said the theatre held a great deal of history for the town.

"Some of you will remember what this was when it was originally built - it started as a picture theatre in the late 1940's," he said.

"There was a lot of courting and meeting done in this room - it was most of the entertainment in Warwick pre-television."

The former mayor shared some of his memories, praising the Warwick RSL for what it had achieved with the renovations.

"It's a real credit to this board to see what has been achieved for this community," he said.

"Sometimes a community needs just a bit of a kick along and the RSL has given this community a hand - this community needs to take that hand and run with it."

For Warwick RSL Memorial Club manager Jo Schwenke, the re-opening of Kings marked a dream come true.

"Kings has always been a special building to us," she said.

"It's long been a dream for us to give Kings a face lift.

"I'm very proud of this building and what we've been able to achieve."

Mayor Peter Blundell made the audience laugh as he recounted some of his favourite memories of Kings Theatre.

"All of us have memories of what Kings Theatre has been in the past," he said.

"One of my favourite memories of Kings Theatre is seeing former mayor Ron Bellingham do the time warp at a business excellence awards."

Comedian Denise Drysdale had the audience in stitches, making her Warwick debut with hilarious impersonations and cheeky adult humour.

The new stage at Kings will be graced by more quality acts in the coming months including James Blundell and Adam Harvey.

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