Dad off the rails on ice clocked at 209kmh

AN IPSWICH dad was tracked from above by the Police air wing as he reached speeds of 209kmh in a Ford on the Logan Motorway, in behaviour a magistrate labelled "contemptuous" because of his existing court orders.

He was disqualified at the time and his speeding was just one of multiple new offences that led to his arrest and ultimately jail, and his return to court to be re-sentenced for dangerous driving in an earlier police chase when he had two children in the car.

On Thursday Craig Massey appeared in court from jail via video-link to be sentenced, with his offending blamed on his use of the drug ice.

Craig Allan Massey, 30, a floor sander from Ellen Grove and previously Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to 18 charges including speeding; six counts of driving when disqualified; evading police on March 23; failing to comply with police requirement to stop on June 23; driving without due care and attention on June 23; driving when drug positive (methamphetamine and cannabis) on January 26; driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle on January 26; wilful damage to a car; possession of tainted property (Honda motorcycle) on October 9 last year; and driving when unlicensed.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said Massey had seven pages of traffic history and had suspended jail terms hanging over his head at the time.

This included a 15 month jail term for the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle committed on February 18, 2019 when stingers were used to stop him while two children and a female were also in the vehicle.

Sgt Molinaro said Massey was found with a stolen Honda CBR motorcycle that had been freshly painted, saying he purchased it for $800 from someone online.

She said its compliance plate had been removed, and VIN on the engine block ground-off.

"He told police this was done probably because it was hot," Sgt Molinaro said.

"There was fresh paint on his hands."

In another incident he was seen by police riding another motorcycle, and Massey did not match the identity of its registered owner.

He had sped off in gravel and fishtailed around a police car to evade the officers.

In another incident Massey used a metal pole to damage a car door and smash a window.

Sgt Molinaro said he'd shown contempt for court orders and his many drive disqualified offences warranted a jail penalty of eight to 10 months.

Defence lawyer John Shanahan from Hub Community Legal said the erratic offending was due to his "unbroken use of methylamphetamine".

And at the time he had been going through a relationship breakdown, Mr Shanahan saying - "ice and relationships don't mix".

Mr Shanahan said Massey has since spent five months in jail which was made more difficult because of the COVID- 19 lockdown.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said drug issues combined with human frailty was behind the offending.

He said Massey was found with the freshly painted motorcycle, had  paint on his hands, and knew it was "hot" when he purchased it.

Hw noted the range of offences, including one where Massey was seen on Australia Day riding another motorcycle that had false plates, and recorded driving at 209km/h in a 100 speed zone on April 26.

Mr Kinsella said he chose to ignore court orders in what was "deliberate and contemptuous" decision making, and there was a need to protect the community from his actions.

Massey received an overall 16-month jail sentence which was a combination of jail terms. It included the activation of his previously suspended jail sentence.

A parole date was set for November 24.

Massey received numerous licence disqualifications including some for two years and another for nine months.

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