Dairy farmers quit as load gets too heavy

READERS share their views on a local fifth-generation dairying family deciding to call it a day and auction their farm.

Kellie Brady So disgusting to see good, honest, hardworking farmers being bankrupted. So sad to read this story, but totally understand.

Todd Brown Everyone shakes their head in disgust but how many people are happy to buy milk at a dollar a litre ??? If we want these businesses to survive we need to accept that prices WILL rise !

Paula Haynes Sad story when we back up our farmers ??

Peg Jessen So sad such a loss of knowledge and hardworking family

Jayne Shelley Crazy food should be our future. China alone needs a mega amount of food for their massive population

Paul Kuhn What gets me the milk processors allow Woolies and Coles to dictate the price they pay for milk, really if to give farmers a fair price, and all the other costs ie transporting, processing and to process milk at say $1.50/L, they should say we will sell it to you for $1.50 minimal price, if you want to sell it at $1 per L then you cop the loss, not the farmers. The sad thing is 3 processors might make that stand there will always be a 4th that will sell the milk the price that Woolies etc ask for. I am a son and brother of a 3rd and 4th generation dairy farmer, with a 5th generation working for my brother

Jenn Greene-Galloway 30 years of being a city girl in the country I've watched dairy farmers struggle & shut shop hand over fist, I refuse to buy cheap milk..... Australia the dumb country!

Cecil Barnard Just blame the public who support Woolworths and Coles in buying the sub-cost milk. Also blame the share holders of the two esteemed companies

Jo Hoffman I agree wholeheartedly with Paul. It's more the processors I have a problem with

Lyn Kyle One day Aust will have to import milk - what price then.. Think ahead Aussies support our FARMERS!!!!!!

On low-income earners hit by budget:

We get the government of our choice and the fact is the bulk of the electorate voted for the coalition. Did the electorate look beyond the front page of their paper, or change channels on their TV? How many met the candidate they voted for? So you don't like what you have got! Look in the mirror to see who to blame. Vagabond

I notice the LNP Member for Mackay, George, has not been heard from since the budget cuts were announced. Does George know how deceitful his party has been to the very people who voted he and his party in based on a string of lies ? Is he avoiding every one ? Whateverman

You vote Labor you get lies! You vote Liberal/Nats you get lies! None of what is in the budget was mentioned prior to the election. The only thing they did say and have done is stop the boats, and because of the secrecy, even that is debatable. No mandate to punish Pensioners, no mandate to cut Medical, no mandate to cut Education. We have all been lied to regarding anything mentioned in the budget, and yet they have the nerve to tell us that they have a mandate. I now know that we have a mandate to get rid of these Liberal/Nat liars at the next election, but who do you trust out of what's left? We will just have to wait and see if the Palmer United Party gets dragged into the sewers of bribery and deceit of the Political sewerage farm of government. texman2

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