Dancers light up floor at jazz lounge

AN IMPROMPTU performance from two dancers added to the joyful atmosphere at the Saturday Jazz Lounge today.

Bill Ensor and Anitta Saunders from Toowoomba took to the dance floor, using the Mal Woods Band as a backing track for their lindy hop number.

"It's just a passion we do and we get so much enjoyment out of it," Mr Ensor said.

"We'd rather be in the action than sit and watch."

Ms Saunders said the pair had been dancing for about 5 or 6 years, having learnt the moves at Dance Connections in Toowoomba.

"For me it's mindfulness, I can't do yoga I'll go to sleep," Ms Saunders said.

About 500 people wandered in and out of the Saturday Jazz Lounge today, which was held in the cosy comfort of Warwick Town Hall.

Previously held outside the town hall, this year's jazz lounge brought the entertainment indoors and featured a number of bands including the Mal Woods Band and the O'Brien Quartet.

Despite nursing an injured shoulder, Mr Ensor was eager to make the most of the dance floor with Ms Saunders.

The pair have brought friends along to Jumpers and Jazz in July most years they've attended, saying they like to share the music with others.

"There are dancers that will come for the music if there's a floor to dance on," Ms Saunders said.

Mr Ensor said social dancing in any genre brings the pair enjoyment, but jazz music offers a little more spontaneity.

"Dancing to jazz you have to think on your feet," Mr Ensor said.

"There are so many different genres, you never know what you're going to get and it's a nice surprise.

"If we make a mistake it doesn't matter, we just like to fool around and have fun."

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