Danger game in Dalby

WITH five key players out with representative duties and Clinton McErvale, Josh Andrews, Nick Tate and Rob Devereux all sidelined, today’s game for the Redbacks will be no cake walk.

The return of Stewart Day, Vaughn Skelly and big man Mark O’Dwyer will help balance the ledger.

The Dalby Swans ground holds no fears for the Reddies as they have had some big wins there but, at full strength for this game, the Swans will take advantage of this opportunity to keep their finals campaign alive.

Stephen Gray, Gavin O’Leary and Andrew Politch have played some inspired football in the past few weeks and, with the assistance of in-form ruckman Alex Cutmore and running mid-fielder Matt Sinkins, the game should go the way of the Redbacks.

Nick Donges and Day will be the targets up front, which will give the small brigade of Paul Hutchins, Coen Slatter and Kurt Heier a lot of confidence.

Jake Peasnell is coming back into form after niggling injuries, Mark Mills is producing his best football for a couple of seasons and Jason Hoole and Shannon Cameron are playing the defensive role well.

A major responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Kris Millard to take on a heavier work load in defence. He is a big marking specialist with one of the longest kicks in the competition and has the ability to drive the ball forward from pressure situations.

The possible returns of past captain and club centurion Julius Sakrewski along with defenders Kerin Politch and Corey McGee has brought smiles to the faces of selectors and will add further depth to the players’ list if they are to pull on boots for the remainder of the season.

The Auskick U8s and U10s will play their games at Slade Park kicking off at 8.30 am and the U12s and U14s will travel to Dalby to play curtain raisers for the seniors.

All mums and dads need to be with their future stars and help out the hard-working volunteers who dip in every week. You will find out how much fun it really can be.

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